Jolie Diane on the CARES Act

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Jolie Diane on the CARES Act (March 31, 2020)


Since my last communication about Cvirus19 you may have noticed that it’s turned into a much bigger problem than just health. For instance, in Rhode Island the National Guard has been deployed, in other states curfews have been issued, unemployment claims have spiked to a new record high of 3.28 MILLION, retail has ground to a halt with 47,000 stores closing, US output has dropped at the fastest rate in a decade, but the banks are saved!! Thanks to the CARES Act from Congress that President Trump has just signed.

While most people are eagerly awaiting their $1,200 CARES Act relief check, The Federal Reserve immediately received 450 BILLION dollars to be added to their balance sheet so that they can make CORPORATE LOANS based on ten times the value of its holdings. The Small Business Administration also got a good chunk of the pie with $350 Billion. The SBA under normal circumstances is a very small agency. $350 billion exceeds the budgets of the Army and Navy COMBINED and it’s 8x the size of the US Marine Corp budget.  SBA is now worth more than the entire market capitalization of Walmart thanks to the CARES Act and it is also making businesses loans that are insured by the Federal Government. What that means is that should a loan default the taxpayers are holding the bag AGAIN. 

The CARES ACT is the largest transfer of wealth from the common man to the super rich, ie the Banks and Wall Street in the history of mankind.

What we are looking at is the controlled demolition of one of the greatest economies the world has ever seen.  Taking advantage of this The Federal Reserve has shapeshifted.

The Federal Reserve has merged with the Treasury Department and while many believe Trump is now in charge of the Fed, nothing could be farther from the truth.  

In much the same way as the events of 9/11 when then Senator Joe Biden’s 300+ page Uniting And Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism aka/ The USA Patriot Act allowed the government to exponentially expand it’s powers, the CARES ACT allows for new masters, who are exactly the same as our old masters.  The problem isn’t so much with the outlandish amounts of pork included by just about everyone from both sides of the aisle in The CARES ACT, they could have included anything to tell you the truth, the plan was to get that number up as high as it could possibly go so that the financial sector which operates in much the same way casinos do – and remember Trump is in the casino business – would be able to get a cut of the action.  The CARES ACT creates a potential windfall exponentially larger than the two trillion however it also increases the tax burden on the US taxpayer and has already destroyed lives in the process.  They had it all planned out, just like the Patriot Act. 

Now we have to deal with reality. None of this is new,  it started before many of us were born. My approach is to put the American People first, not the banks or other countries. Can you imagine if there were $450 Billion dollars in your bank account? What you do with it? Feed your family? Start a new business? Go on vacation? Well, you don’t have these options right now because the government tanked the economy while we were being subjected to unconstitutional policies which have flourished. Why are we accepting the use of the military to fight a virus? Who benefits?  And why are we and our children and our grandchildren left paying the bill?

I do not consent to this debt. I do not consent to tyranny.  This nation is great.  Land of the free home of the brave. Let’s act like it,  especially in the states of New Jersey, New Hampshire,  Alabama, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Iowa, Vermont, Oregon DC, Pennsylvania and Wyoming, where you can write me in. Jolie Diane.   We shall over come.


Link To Full Document_S. 3548 _”CARES Act”

Link To Full Document_S. 3548 _”CARES Act”

Link To Full Document_S. 3548 _”CARES Act”