What would JFK do?

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If JFK had not been executed, the world we live in would be a much different place.  Our nation was devastated by his untimely death, and like 911 and the subsequent Housing Collapse of 2008, the perpetrators of these horrific crimes were never apprehended and prosecuted.  

President Kennedy would not have suspended The People’s freedom or rights, let alone anything specifically outlined in The Bill of Rights, for any reason. For, to remove the inalienable rights and liberties of every American, is an act of treason, warfare and subversion of the rule of law in our Constitutional Republic.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.  Many are aware that there is much more to the current cv19 situation happening behind the scenes.  It’s becoming more and more evident that cv19 is just a cover for the collapse of our financial system.

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) or the Federal Reserve leveraged the implementation of “social distancing” protocol as was described in G.W. Bush’s, 2006 DOD Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza, so that  part of the economy could be legitimately shut down, obscuring the true symptoms of the collapse. Without cv19, it would be pretty obvious to even the casual observer that the unprecedented amount of money being printed by our hybrid Federal Reserve/Treasury in tandem with Central Banks around the world would overwhelm domestic and global markets setting the stage for a long anticipated global financial calamity or as some have optimistically called it a “global reset”.

So here we are, presented with a pre-scripted narrative with a cast of characters and a plot line with so many holes in it that people are stuck to their screens trying to figure out what exactly is happening. What they don’t see is the vast amounts of wealth being extracted from this nation. Within the last 4 weeks, 22 million jobless claims erased and wiped out all the jobs created since the Great Recession of 2008.  For every “confirmed” U.S. death for cv19, 710 jobs have disappeared, vanished, leaving a vacuum that is begging to be filled.

Instead of putting The People on a path to financial dependency, mandatory vaccines and misery, my priority as President is the well-being and prosperity of the American People.

The first thing I would do is get everyone their $65,000 back as I described previously. That would give everybody the confidence and ability to create a new life for themselves, after the deep systemic corruption perpetrated by the current organizers of the cv19 panic. We could steer our nation in a different direction, one in which the American dream is still a reality.

We will celebrate American creativity, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and a spirit of infinite potential. As President, I will get rid of the federal income tax and the federal reserve, those functions will be transferred to the States for the benefit of the local economy.

Enough of the financial wizardry, it’s time to get back to basics and build stronger and healthier communities based on a currency of real value and mutual respect.

If what I’m saying intrigues you, and you’d like to listen to my previous communications about my 2020 vision for America, please go to If you can appreciate this vision, and you live in D.C., Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Alabama, Rhode Island, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oregon, Wyoming, New Jersey, and Vermont, then you can write me in on the ballot, Jolie Diane,

J-o-l-i-e D-i-a-n-e.

I’m dedicated to helping our nation get through this.


(April 27, 1961 – New York City)

President John F. Kennedy address, “The President and the Press” delivered before the American Newspaper Publishers Association at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.


“…For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.”

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“Executive Order 11110 was issued by U.S. President John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963.

This executive order amended Executive Order 10289 (dated September 17, 1951)[1] by delegating to the Secretary of the Treasury the president’s authority to issue silver certificates under the Thomas Amendment of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, as amended by the Gold Reserve Act. The order allowed the Secretary to issue silver certificates, if any were needed, during the transition period under President Kennedy’s plan to eliminate Silver Certificates and use Federal Reserve Notes.[2] Link



June 4, 1963 | JFK Executive Order 11110 | National Archives |

“…[Para. 2 amended by EO 11110 of June 4, 1963, 28 FR 5605, 3 CFR, 1959-1963 Comp., p. 770; EO 11825 of Dec. 31, 1974, 40 FR 1003, 3 CFR, 1971-1975 Comp., p. 929; EO 12608 of Sept. 9, 1987, 52 FR 34617, 3 CFR, 1987 Comp., p. 245]

3. (a) The Secretary of the Treasury and the Postmaster General are hereby designated and empowered jointly to prescribe without the approval of the President regulations, under section 1 of the act of July 8, 1937, c. 444, 50 Stat. 479 (5 U.S.C. 134), governing the shipment of valuables by the executive departments, independent establishments, agencies, wholly-owned corporations, officers, and employees of the United States.
(b) The Postmaster General is hereby designated and empowered to exercise without the approval, ratification, or other action of the President the authority vested in the President by section 504 (b) of title 18 of the United States Code to approve regulations issued by the Secretary of the Treasury under the authority of the said section 504 (b) (relating to the printing, publishing, or importation, or the making or importation of the necessary plates for such printing or publishing, of postage stamps for philatelic purposes), and to approve any amendment or repeal of any of such regulations by the Secretary of the Treasury.

[Para. 3 amended by EO 10583 of Dec. 18, 1954, 19 FR 8725, 3 CFR, 1954-1958 Comp., p. 232]

4. As used in this order, the term “functions” embraces duties, powers, responsibilities, authority, or discretion, and the term “perform” may be construed to mean “exercise”.

5. All actions heretofore taken by the President in respect of the matters affected by this order and in force at the time of the issuance of this order, including regulations prescribed by the President in respect of such matters, shall, except as they may be inconsistent with the provisions of this order, remain in effect until amended, modified, or revoked pursuant to the authority conferred by this order.”


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President Kennedy’s “Peace” Speech at American University June 10, 1963

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The CIA Versus the Kennedys

August 18, 2020 | by  |

“Former Congressman Ron Paul and his colleague Dan McAdams recently conducted a fascinating interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., which focused in part on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who was Kennedy Jr.’s uncle. The interview took place on their program the Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Owing to the many federal records that have been released over the years relating to the Kennedy assassination, especially through the efforts of the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990s, many Americans are now aware of the war that was being waged between President Kennedy and the CIA throughout his presidency. The details of this war are set forth in FFF’s book  JFK’s War with the National Security Establishment: Why Kennedy Was Assassinated by Douglas Horne.

In the interview, Robert Kennedy Jr. revealed a fascinating aspect of this war with which I was unfamiliar. He stated that the deep animosity that the CIA had for the Kennedy family actually stretched back to something the family patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy, did in the 1950s that incurred the wrath of Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA.

Kennedy Jr. stated that his grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy, had served on a commission that was charged with examining and analyzing CIA covert activities, or “dirty tricks” as Kennedy Jr. put them. As part of that commission, Kennedy Jr stated, Joseph Kennedy (John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy’s father) had determined that the CIA had done bad things with its regime-change operations that were destroying democracies, such as in Iran and Guatemala.

Consequently, Joseph Kennedy recommended that the CIA’s power to engage in covert activities be terminated and that the CIA be strictly limited to collecting intelligence and empowered to do nothing else.

According to Kennedy Jr., “Allen Dulles never forgave him — never forgave my family — for that.”

I wasn’t aware of that fact. I assumed that the war between President Kennedy and the CIA had begun with the CIA’s invasion at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. The additional information added by Kennedy Jr. places things in a much more fascinating and revealing context.

Upon doing a bit of research on the Internet, I found that the commission that Kennedy Jr. must have been referring to was the President’s Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities, which President Eisenhower had established in 1956 through Executive Order 10656. Eisenhower appointed Joseph Kennedy to serve on that commission.

That year was three years after the CIA’s 1953 regime change operation in Iran which destroyed that country’s democratic system. It was two years after the CIA’s regime-change operation in Guatemala that destroyed that country’s democratic system.

Keep in mind that the ostensible reason that the CIA engaged in these regime-change operations was to protect “national security,” which over time has become the most important term in the American political lexicon. Although no one has ever come up with an objective definition for the term, the CIA’s power to address threats to “national security,” including through coups and assassinations, became omnipotent.

Yet, here was Joseph P. Kennedy declaring that the CIA’s power to exercise such powers should be terminated and recommending that the CIA’s power be strictly limited to intelligence gathering.

It is not difficult to imagine how livid CIA Director Dulles and his cohorts must have been at Kennedy. No bureaucrat likes to have his power limited. More important, for Dulles and his cohorts, it would have been clear that if Kennedy got his way, “national security” would be gravely threatened given the Cold War that the United States was engaged in with the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea, and other communist nations.

Now consider what happened with the Bay of Pigs. The CIA’s plan for a regime-change invasion of Cuba, was conceived under President Eisenhower. Believing that Vice President Nixon would be elected president in 1960, the CIA was quite surprised that Kennedy was elected instead. To ensure that the invasion would go forth anyway, the CIA assured Kennedy that the invasion would succeed without U.S. air support. It was a lie. The CIA assumed that once the invasion was going to go down in defeat at the hands of the communists, Kennedy would have to provide the air support in order to “save face.”

But Kennedy refused to be played by the CIA. When the CIA’s army of Cuban exiles was going down in defeat, the CIA requested the air support, convinced that their plan to manipulate the new president would work. It didn’t. Kennedy refused to provide the air support and the CIA’s invasion went down in defeat.

Now consider what happened after the Bay of Pigs: Knowing that the CIA had played him and double-crossed him, John Kennedy fired Allen Dulles as CIA director, along with his chief deputy, Charles Cabell. He then put his younger brother Bobby Kennedy in charge of monitoring the CIA, which infuriated the CIA.

Now jump ahead to the Cuban Missile Crisis, which Kennedy resolved by promising that the United States would not invade Cuba for a regime-change operation. That necessarily would leave a permanent communist regime in Cuba, something that the CIA steadfastly maintained was a grave threat to “national security”— a much bigger threat, in fact, than the threats supposedly posed by the regimes in Iran in 1953 and Guatemala in 1954.

And then Kennedy did the unforgivable, at least insofar as the CIA was concerned. In his famous Peace Speech at American University in June 1963, he declared an end to the entire Cold War and announced that the United States was going to establish friendly and peaceful relations with the communist world.

Kennedy had thrown the gauntlet down in front of the CIA. It was either going to be his way or the CIA’s way. There was no room for compromise, and both sides knew it.

In the minds of former CIA Director Allen Dulles and the people still at the CIA, what Kennedy was doing was anathema and, even worse, the gravest threat to “national security” the United States had ever faced, a much bigger threat than even that posed by the democratic regimes in Iran and Guatemala. At that point, the CIA’s animosity toward President Kennedy far exceeded the animosity it had borne toward his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, several years before.”

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