Who can vote for Jolie Diane and more of her Platform

ZeroGeoengineering   Zero5G    Zero-GMO   ZeroMVaxx 

Hey it’s Jolie Diane.  

If you live in DC, Alabama, Mississippi, Oregon, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire,Vermont, or Iowa, then you can write me in for President in 2020! 

I’m against mandated vaccinations. Period. I’m against regime change wars and reckless Pentagon spending. Period. As President, I would audit and ultimately dismantle out-of-control alphabet agencies. I want Americans to come first, not corporations.

It’s time for the American People take the reigns of power back. An easy way to do this is to stop consuming the artificial stuff they are feeding us. 

In that vein, I fully support a national conversion to organic farming. Organic farming is agriculture that makes healthy food, healthy soil, healthy plants, and a healthy environment a priority. It will make our whole nation healthier  Sales of certified organic products consistently continue to increase, demonstrating demand for organic products and the opportunities for growth in this market because people are getting smarter. 

And speaking of smarter, I support fiber optic cable all the way to the premises (FTTP) for the certifiably fastest, most secure, communications on the planet. Period. This will allow the US to be competitive in the global economy. The great thing is, we’ve already paid for this. We’ve paid for the great fiber optic build-out since the 1990’s, but it was never turned on. The fiber is just sitting there doing nothing. This is a national security issue because our infrastructure is currently so vulnerable with a reliance on wireless. Even former CIA director James Woolsey stated the obvious about the so-called quote unquote smart grid, when he said, “its a really, really stupid grid.” It makes us vulnerable to foreign attack or domestic terrorism, as well as, wireless radiation being scientifically proven, to be harmful to people and the environment. 

What I have just talked about, I consider to be some of the most important topics that have been willfully omitted or ignored by the mainstream.  There are of course more things to address and I will in future broadcasts, so please pass this message along and please stay tuned.