Who is Jolie Diane and Why vote for her?


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Since 2015, I’ve been working with people from California to Maine to protect our environment and health.  Meeting with federal and state legislators all over the country, I’ve brought teams of constituents to educate officials on the urgency of enacting strong legal prohibitions of hazardous atmospheric contaminants.  Working for a healthy Earth and positive social engagement, I am here to restore the pursuit of happiness for all Americans as well as mutual respect with our neighbors worldwide.

Having founded,, and, I documented some of the worst threats we face with regard to health, liberty, and the survival of life on Earth. The world-renowned scientist Rosalind Peterson of worked with my group to create the Geoengineering Act – the first legislation in the world opposing weather modification, such as cloud seeding with stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) emissions, and other harmful Geoengineering activities such as wireless radiofrequency / microwave radiation (RF/MW) deployment.

Reckless government spending, lack of public oversight, bipartisan fights, and unbalanced “priorities” far out of sync with the U.S. Constitution and Americans’ needs, all need correction.

Traveling way beyond partisan politics to the People, I’m in this 2020 Presidential Race to bring the omitted perspectives of greatest significance and urgency – protecting Americans’ freedoms and liberty, our health and environment, financial and food security, unity in diversity, and our children’s future.  While not yet officially a candidate, I can become one, if the People so choose.


Ohio State House 2018


Growing up outside Washington, D.C. in Northern Virginia during the 1970’s, Jolie Diane was never into politics. She played sports and became interested in music. Her father was an Army Col. in military intelligence, her mother, an author and professor of history.

The Bay Area in California was home in the 1990’s, and where Jolie supported herself as a music teacher, a dog walker,  and a caregiver working with diverse clients from all different backgrounds. Her positive attitude, dedication to success and diligent work ethic paved a path for improved wellbeing.

Surviving domestic violence herself fueled Jolie’s desire to help others end cycles of abuse. Experiencing firsthand the invisibility of domestic violence, she promised herself to never ignore the suffering of someone in trouble.

It was after the 911 attacks, and subsequent U.S. “endless war” policies, that Jolie became inspired by the efforts of Dr. Cynthia McKinney, Cindy Sheehan, Retired Col. Ann Wright, and especially Agriculture Defense Coalition Founder, Rosalind Peterson, who was one of the first to recognize the necessity of laws to prohibit weather intervention activities.

Studying the groundbreaking work of Ms.Peterson, Jolie became a voracious researcher diving into thousands of pages of regulatory documentation, budgets, studies, patents, memos and hard science.

In 2015 she began full time efforts in support of health and safety legislation to protect the people and the environment.  Over the course of the next year and a half, Jolie went to every Senate and Representative’s office on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. She was hoping to find at least one elected public servant to step in and champion a bill that would immediately stop the pollution problem created by cloud seeding, a form of weather modification or geoengineering.

That’s when she realized that something was really very wrong. The lack of responsiveness and outright dismissal of the problem encouraged her to take the issue to the state level.  She connected with people in different states which then grew into small citizen teams who presented information to their Representatives.

Since the beginning of this endeavor in 2015, JD has worked with residents and met with Reps from the states of California, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Illinois, DC, Michigan, Maine, New York, New Mexico, Arizona, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Washington, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, New Jersey, Virginia, Hawaii and Alaska, assisting with rainwater testing and legislation that Ms. Peterson had drafted.

The legislation would not only protect the people and organic life of the state but would also be of financial benefit to the people when implemented.  Much to her surprise, JD learned that a lot of states were actually following UN Agenda 21/2030, Climate Action Plans (CAP) that would ultimately take USA away from our Constitution and our Rule of Law.  This is exactly when she started working diligently with others to help raise critical awareness for the The People to take their power back from international interests and entangled corporations.

Recognizing UN Agenda 21/2030 as a technocratic attempt to install non-democratic global governance by social engineering and hazardous technologies like AI, 5G, and geoengineering, JD became harshly aware of the dangers to liberty & freedom, world economies, and to the health of humans, trees, oceans, wildlife, animals, crops and all biological life.

This is exactly when she began working diligently with other groups and with the teams she had created to help raise critical awareness so that The People might take their power back from international interests and entangled corporations.

To buttress this effort Jolie Diane created the following websites:  a compendium of source material supporting public health and safety legislation like The Geoengineering Act. Historical data, patents, rain sample analysis, and specificc information on weather modification and geoengineering activities.  similar to the previous URL, this website focuses on the proliferation, patents, harms, legislation and science surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and offers solutions and gardening tips.  this website provides solid support material for researchers investigating vaccines and related science, laws, and links for those wanting to stop mandated vaccination.  includes actions to stop RF/MW radiation (4G-5G-6G) deployments, references, budgets, scientific charts, reports, laws, and links to sources with tens of thousands of peer reviewed studies from all over the world documenting adverse bio-effects of RF/MW.

The uniting thread of all of the websites and now her Presidential Campaign is the prioritization of good Health, Financial Security, and the Safety of The People and Our Planet.