Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Democratic governor’s extended stay-at-home order

May 13, 2020 | By Daniel Payne | Ruling |

The state legislature of Wisconsin (Jordan McAlister/Getty)

The administration had extended the order until May 26

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin on Wednesday ruled that the administration of Gov. Tony Evers overstepped its authority in extending the state’s stay-at-home order until the end of May, the first instance of a court striking down a coronavirus-related lockdown policy.

The court ruled that Andrea Palm, the secretary of the state’s Health and Human Services, had violated state law when she extended the order to May 26. Chief Jusice Patience Roggensack said in the ruling that Palm’s order was “unenforceable” because Palm did not follow the proper legal protocols in implementing it.

“Because Palm did not follow the law in creating Order 28, there can be no criminal penalties for violations of her order,” Roggensack wrote for the court, further arguing that Palm’s directive “confining all people to their homes, forbidding travel and closing businesses exceeded the statutory authority” under state law.

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