Coronavirus 2003 WHO Knew? Unprecedented Coronavirus Research Collaboration: China, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

April 17, 2003 | World Health Organization (WHO)

“Coronavirus Never Before Seen In Humans Is The Cause of SARS; Unprecendented Collaboration Identifies New Pathogen In Record Time”   Link_WHO

“This collaboration has brought together leading scientific expertise, and was established after WHO issued a global alert on SARS on 12 March 2003. The priority has been to find the cause and to develop diagnostic tests. Two laboratories in China recently joined this network of laboratories from Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.”    Link


“GENEVA (April 17, 2003) — Today, the World Health Organization announced that a new pathogen, a member of the coronavirus family never before seen in humans, is the cause of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The speed at which this virus was identified is the result of the close international collaboration of 13 laboratories from 10 countries. While many lines of evidence have found strong associations between this virus and the disease over the last weeks, final confirmation came today.

“The pace of SARS research has been astounding,” said Dr. David Heymann, Executive Director, WHO Communicable Diseases programmes. “Because of an extraordinary collaboration among laboratories from countries around the world, we now know with certainty what causes SARS.”

The successful identification of the coronavirus means that scientists can now confidently turn to other SARS challenges. For example, various laboratories continue to work to unravel the genetic information of the SARS virus and compare the sequences obtained from viruses in different parts of the world. Experts are gathering at WHO this week to map future work on SARS.

“Today, the collaboration continues as top laboratory researchers have come to WHO to design the next steps, a strategy for transforming these basic research discoveries into diagnostic tools which will help us to successfully control this disease,” said Heymann.

This collaboration has brought together leading scientific expertise, and was established after WHO issued a global alert on SARS on 12 March 2003. The priority has been to find the cause and to develop diagnostic tests. Two laboratories in China recently joined this network of laboratories from Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

“Today, the first part of the mission of our network has been fulfilled, as researchers have both detected a hitherto unknown virus and established it as the cause of SARS. The new coronavirus has been named by WHO and member laboratories as “SARS virus, ” said Dr Albert Osterhaus, the Director of Virology at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. Erasmus completed the work to definitely prove that the new coronavirus causes SARS.

Over the past three weeks, due to the urgency surrounding the worldwide threat to health of SARS and early indications this was a new member of the coronavirus family, research has proceeded under the assumption that SARS was caused by a new coronavirus.

The 13 laboratories have been working on meeting Koch’s postulates, necessary to prove disease causation. These postulates stipulate that to be the causal agent, a pathogen must meet four conditions: it must be found in all cases of the disease, it must be isolated from the host and grown in pure culture, it must reproduce the original disease when introduced into a susceptible host, and it must be found in the experimental host so infected.

Credit for the coronavirus findings, which definitively pinpoints the cause of SARS, is attributed to the 13 laboratories, working in conjunction with WHO.

“The people in this network have put aside profit and prestige to work together to find the cause of this new disease and to find way new ways of fighting it,” said Dr Klaus Stöhr, WHO virologist and the coordinator of the collaborative research network. “In this globalized world, such collaboration is the only way forward in tackling emerging diseases.”

WHO and the network of laboratories dedicate their detection and characterization of the SARS virus to Dr Carlo Urbani, the WHO scientist who first alerted the world to the existence of SARS in Hanoi, Vietnam, and who died from the disease in Bangkok on 29 March 2003.”  Source


WHO Director-General Tedros A Top Member Of Violent Ethiopian Communist Party?

Was WHO Director Tedros A Top Member Of Violent Ethiopian Communist Party?


Feb. 15, 2013

Third novel coronavirus infection reported in UK family

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy University of Minnesota Link


February 11, 2013

Novel coronavirus case in UK raises global total to 10    Link to Article   


2015 Coronavirus Patent 

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2018 Coronavirus US Patent 10,130,701 B2



January 2020 Study: Influenza Vaccination and Respiratory virus Interference Among Department of Defense Personnel During the 2017-2018 Influenza Season    |  PubMed

“Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference.”  Link


According to the DOD PubMed study above, if you have had a #FLU SHOT you are MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to #coronavirus19

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Covid-19 candidate vaccines |


“WHO also disclaims any and all liability or responsibility whatsoever for any death, disability, injury, suffering, loss, damage or other prejudice of any kind that may arise from or in connection with the procurement, distribution or use of any product included in any of these landscape documents.”

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“Humanity is imprisoned by a killer pandemic. People are being arrested for surfing in the ocean and meditating in nature. Nations are collapsing. Hungry citizens are rioting for food. The media has generated so much confusion and fear that people are begging for salvation in a syringe. Billionaire patent owners are pushing for globally mandated vaccines. Anyone who refuses to be injected with experimental poisons will be prohibited from travel, education and work. No, this is not a synopsis for a new horror movie. This is our current reality.

Let’s back up to address how we got here…

In the early 1900s, America’s first Billionaire, John D. Rockefeller bought a German pharmaceutical company that would later assist Hitler to implement his eugenics-based vision by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war. Rockefeller wanted to eliminate the competitors of Western medicine, so he submitted a report to Congress declaring that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all natural healing modalities were unscientific quackery. Rockefeller called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only his organization be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US. And so began the practice of immune suppressive, synthetic and toxic drugs. Once people had become dependent on this new system and the addictive drugs it provided, the system switched to a paid program, creating lifelong customers for the Rockefellers. Currently, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US. Rockefeller’s secret weapon to success was the strategy known as, “problem-reaction-solution.” Create a problem, escalate fear, then offer a pre-planned solution. Sound familiar?

Flash forward to 2020…

They named it COVID19. Our leaders of world health predicted millions would die. The National Guard was deployed. Makeshift hospitals were erected to care for a massive overflow of patients. Mass graves were dug. Terrifying news reports had people everywhere seeking shelter to avoid contact. The plan was unfolding with diabolical precision, but the masters of the Pandemic underestimated one thing… the people. Medical professionals and every-day citizens are sharing critical information online. The overlords of big tech have ordered all dissenting voices to be silenced and banned, but they are too late. The slumbering masses are awake and aware that something is not right. Quarantine has provided the missing element: time. Suddenly, our overworked citizenry has ample time to research and investigate for themselves. Once you see, you can’t unsee.

The window of opportunity is open like never before. For the first time in human history, we have the world’s attention. Plandemic will expose the scientific and political elite who run the scam that is our global health system, while laying out a new plan; a plan that allows all of humanity to reconnect with healing forces of nature. 2020 is the code for perfect vision. It is also the year that will go down in history as the moment we finally opened our eyes.”

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Trump/Biden: Big Pharma Campaign Contributions to 2020 POTUS Candidates & Members of Congress 

Re: Big Pharma Campaign Contributions To President Trump, Former VP Biden, Senator Sanders, Members of Congress; “PLANDEMIC”


“So far, the healthcare sector has contributed more than $5 million in total towards the many presidential candidates, from President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign all the way to his Republican challenger, former Massachusetts governor William Weld, according to new data from the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics’s OpenSecrets covering the campaign season through the end of June.”   Link



2010 The Rockefeller Foundation 

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

LOCK STEP: “Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems—from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty—leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.”  p. 19

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“We see from this that the economic and political effects of a pandemic were being carefully studied at the Rockefeller Foundation at least as early as 2010. More recently, a pandemic simulation took place at Event 201, which was hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This occurred six weeks before the first reported outbreak of the coronavirus. Almost to a tee, it followed the initial phase of the LOCK STEP scenario.”   Link

Connection Between the Rockefeller Foundation, Johns Hopkins, and Gates Foundations

March 25, 2020 | By G. Edward Griffin | Need To Know News |

“The Rockefeller Foundation published a paper in 2010 titled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.The first scenario was called LOCK STEP and was described as follows: “A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.”

In this scenario, a virus pandemic appeares suddenly, quickly infecting populations around the world, destroying economies by interrupting mobility of people and goods, and debilitating industries and global supply chains.

This makes it possible for government leaders to take total control over their citizens as a public-health measure – a process the people greatly disliked but are psychologically incapable of resisting, because it is done in the name of protecting them. Thus, the economies and political structures of the whole world emerge as a united totalitarian system with a resentful and unruly population but one that can be effectively controlled by new technology.”

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“Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has dismissed imported coronavirus testing kits as faulty, saying they returned positive results on samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw.”


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Trump Administration / State officials following the 2006 George W. Bush DOD Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza handbook?

Reference to “social distancing” p. 28.

Link To Department of Defense Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza    CDC LinkWHO





Link To Video Coronavirus is US psychological warfare operation: Ex-US military officer

“The safest and best explanation is to see this as an exploited psychological operation designed to sow panic, intimidation and also open up doors for “aid and immune vaccinations development” which may in fact lead to more harm than good…” Link




“The coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic, based on an unproven RNA test, that has never been connected to a virus.”