Fears grow over heat exhaustion caused by wearing masks in summer; Another pleurisy patient from mask-wearing

May 11, 2020 | KYODO NEWS |

“…In China, at least two junior high school students collapsed and died last month while wearing face masks during physical exercise examinations.

The deaths have prompted experts to warn of the dangers of wearing high-grade masks during intense exercise, which could lead to oxygen deficiency.”


Medical experts have called for extra vigilance regarding heat-related illnesses this summer, amid growing fears that the wearing of face masks to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus could cause breathing difficulties and dehydration.

Cities in Yamanashi and Gunma prefectures on Monday recorded the country’s highest temperature this year of 33.4 C, with several other prefectures registering temperatures of over 30 C the same day.

Wearing masks during the hot and humid summer months “will be a new experience for many people,” said Yasufumi Miyake, head of the advanced emergency medical service center at Teikyo University Hospital.

As wearing masks in hot weather makes it difficult for cool air to reach the lungs, the respiratory muscles are activated resulting in shortness of breath, which in turn makes it easier for heat to build up inside the body.

Miyake, who is well-versed in measures to prevent heat-related illnesses, stressed it is important to cool the body down in order to prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke. He suggested turning on air conditioners, drinking water at regular intervals and increasing rest time.

“People should not overdo it on days they go to the office or school,” as they have not had time to acclimatize to the heat after remaining at home for telework and when schools were closed, he said.

Noriyuki Koibuchi, a professor at Gunma University’s Graduate School of Medicine specializing in environmental physiology, said that as there are many nerve fibers in the face, it is more sensitive to heat and cold than other parts of the body.

He recommended alleviating discomfort by cooling the forehead and neck even while keeping a mask on.

“As you take more frequent breaths when wearing a mask, you should definitely avoid vigorous exercise (when wearing one),” Koibuchi said.

In China, at least two junior high school students collapsed and died last month while wearing face masks during physical exercise examinations.

The deaths have prompted experts to warn of the dangers of wearing high-grade masks during intense exercise, which could lead to oxygen deficiency.”

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“BEIJING (Kyodo) — At least two junior high school students in China collapsed and died last month during physical exercise examinations while wearing face masks, local media reported by Sunday.

The deaths of the teens have prompted experts to point out the dangers of wearing high-grade masks during intense exercise, with a movement promoting the non-necessity of wearing protective masks in gym class now gaining traction.”




“The two students in Hunan and Henan provinces aged 14 and 15 were participating in events such as 1,500-meter runs when they died days apart in mid- to late April, according to the reports.

Both were reportedly wearing N95 masks worn by health professionals treating coronavirus patients.

A third student in Zhejiang Province also died last month while running on a playground, but it remains unclear if he was wearing a mask.

As no autopsies were performed, it is impossible to know whether the students had preexisting conditions that could have contributed to death, the reports said.

Even so, some experts pointed out that performing intense exercise while wearing an N95 mask could lead to oxygen deficiency.”


“Another pleurisy patient from mask-wearing. I have seen more pleurisy at my clinic recently than in 14 years of practicing medicine. All were wearing #masks hours at a time.”   Link

Turns out it’s pleurisy…An infection of the outside lining of the lungs. ..It’s because she has been wearing a mask for over 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week. Breathing in her own bacteria. Carbon dioxide. Caused an infection. And now she is in severe pain…Has to be off work with no pay…She’s 19. Healthy. And now is bed bound and struggling to breathe.


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Occupational Safety and Health Administration | OSHA

“…Paragraph (d)(2)(iii) of the Respiratory Protection Standard considers any atmosphere with an oxygen level below 19.5 percent to be oxygen-deficient and immediately dangerous to life or health. To ensure that employees have a reliable source of air with an oxygen content of at least 19.5 percent, paragraphs (d)(2)(i)(A) and (d)(2)(i)(B) of the Respiratory Protection Standard require employers working under oxygen-deficient conditions to provide their employees with a self-contained breathing apparatus or a combination full-facepiece pressure-demand supplied-air respirator with auxiliary self-contained air supply. In the preamble to the final Respiratory Protection Standard, OSHA discussed extensively its rationale for requiring that employees breathe air consisting of at least 19.5 percent oxygen.”

The Healthy American – STOP The Masks! OSHA’s requirement for breathing air to have at least 19.5 percent oxygen content.




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DOWNLOAD the CDC Deceptive “research”. Let me know if I have overlooked something or misinterpreted it. Thank you!

CONTACT all gov’t representatives at all levels, Sheriffs, law enforcement, businesses, boards of health, boards of education, school districts, etc. (SEE SAMPLE LETTER BELOW VIDEO)

Demand of your state and health officials that they “show the science” for these egregious, menacing, health-harming measures!


I misspoke when I compared masks to respirators. The point I was trying to make is that in the OSHA regulations, there is a government recognized minimum level of oxygen at 19.5%, below which you start to have a reversible adverse effects that cause an immediate danger to life and health. People have shown me videos where they measured the oxygen levels inside the mask and they were at 18.5. I will post a video with that evidence shortly.

Posted by Peggy Hall on Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Link To The Healthy American  There is ZERO conclusive evidence provided by the CDC that supports healthy or “asymptomatic” individuals wearing a mask prevents the spread of illness. PLEASE GO HERE FOR INFO to write to your representatives.

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You are not going to believe (Well, maybe you will) what I uncovered.

BREATHING is your right, protected by LAW. (Are we really even having this conversation?!?)

You do know wearing a mask leads to oxygen deprivation, don’t you?

AND it INCREASES your risk of infection!

And there are no conclusive studies that show wearing a mask if you’re healthy prevents illness.







If you believe other people should wear a mask to protect you, then kindly present one reputable peer-reviewed study published in a recognized medical journal that CONCLUSIVELY states that healthy people wearing masks prevents the spread of illness.

For those who want to UNMASK THE MASKS, go here for all the details on how to talk to businesses, your government officials and others to educate and inform them about the SCIENCE and the LAW that does NOT support wearing masks in public by healthy people:…


It’s best to speak calmly, and in a manner of requesting information.

Use the bullet point examples below in the form of questions.

Be polite but firm and require specific answers and a timeframe that they must respond.

Contact the businesses you want to visit in advance.

Tell them you are coming, and you won’t be wearing a mask for medical reasons.

Speak to the manager calmly and with conviction.

Write to the corporate offices with these questions (also good to ask in person at the store) “What are the medical grounds for your requesting your customers to wear a mask?”

“Are you aware there is no state regulation requiring that customers wear masks?”

“Would you provide me with the peer-reviewed research published in a reputable medical journal that conclusively demonstrates that healthy people wearing masks prevents the spread of disease?”

“Are you aware that a licensed medical doctor is the only person qualified to give me medical advice, and wearing a mask is considered a health intervention because it affects the function of the respiratory system?”

Are you providing a licensed medical doctor at the entrance to your store to provide physical exams of the public to make this recommendation?”

“Are you aware that my civil liberties protection (in CA, it is California Civic Code 51 (b) states that I am a free and equal citizen and cannot be denied services by any business establishment due to a medical condition?”

And be sure to sign up for your FREE ACTION GUIDE so you can stand for truth and freedom!


How to find your elected officials:








“…One should not attack and insult those who have chosen not to wear a mask, as these studies suggest that is the wise choice to make.”

– Dr. Russell Blaylock




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Dr. Russell Blaylock,author of The Blaylock Wellness Report newsletter, is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, and lecturer. He attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine and completed his internship and neurological residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. For 26 years, practiced neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice. He recently retired from his neurosurgical duties to devote his full attention to nutritional research. Dr. Blaylock has authored four books, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life, Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, and his most recent work,Cellular and Molecular Biology of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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“..people shouldn’t wear face masks to prevent the spread of the infectious illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. surgeon general.”



Healthy people warned against using face masks


“You can increase your risk of getting it by wearing a mask if you are not a health care provider”