Re: Informed Consent; Form 95 claim and addendum

May 25, 2020 | by David E. Martin

Why all of the current restrictions we are facing are an experiment to which we have not consented, and what you can do about it.

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DOWNLOAD, EDIT, and SEND the forms linked below if you have a real claim:

Example form 95 claim:…


Form 95 addendum (include this with your form, it outlines the basis for the claim):…


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—Important documents— Form 95 download:…


Example form 95 claim:…


Form 95 addendum (include this with your form, it outlines the basis for the claim):…



8:13 Declaration under the public readiness and emergency preparedness act for medical countermeasures:… 10:00


L Song Richardson’s article “When Human Experimentation is Criminal:”… 12:45


U.S vs. Stanley case:…

I’ve transcribed some of David Martin’s key messages related to Legal Call to Action. Here it is, as spoken by David Martin in his video:
“Social distancing and face masks – there is no scientific evidence that those work and more importantly there is specific evidence that those actually impair the healthy functioning of society. You, if you are asked to wear a face mask, are a lab rat. You are subject to an investigation. Social distancing and face mask wearing, both are experiments. They are experiments promulgated by the department of Health and Human Services, supported by the Center for Disease Control. They have no institutional review board authorization, which means they are in violation of the law. That, my friends, is the reason why I hope millions of people hear what I’m about to say…
Congress passed a law related to Action you can take. Download Standard form 95 from the department of justice website. It’s your pathway to find a criminal or civil liability, define it, and seek redress from the agency of the federal government that harmed you – loss of job, lost customers, physically harmed because you couldn’t go to doctors appointment or do things to retain your health, the department of Health and Human Services is actually supposed to get their liability notice from you on form 95.
Send completed form to: Health and Human Services, office of General Counsel, 200 Independence Avenue Southwest, Washington DC 20201.
Say on the form that HHS, through CDC and national institute of allergies and infectious disease, sought and filed and received a patent starting on 2003 which made the identification, the detection, and detection kits for Coronavirus not available to the general population. They, by virtue of that act, by filing that patent, they made it impossible for the public health interests to be served. That’s the beginning of the damage.
In 2007 they extended their patent filing and in that patent filing sought to actually patent the virus, which is against 35 US Code section 101. In 2013-2018 they worked to use international sources and take the research on gain of function, which was determined by the National institute of health in 2013 to be unethical.
They decided to take it offshore and work with the Wuhan Institute of Virology so they could get around the ethical and legal implications of the work being done here in the US. They did that willfully so that at September 2019 in the publication World at Risk from the World Health Organization, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the members of the committee actually affiliated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation could make a recommendation that a respiratory based pathogen simulation must be run, with no institutional review board review, with no independent physician certifying that their actions were legal; therefore, getting them out from the exclusions of Section 50.24 of the 21 code of regulations, they decided to start a clinical trial that you have become an unwilling participant in.
The damages that you have, the damages that are your loss of livelihood, loss of access to health, loss of access to liberty, the costs associated with this shutdown, the fact that you have not been able to work, deal with childcare. Every one of those facts is now a financial liability under the Standard Form 95 submission to the US Dept of Health and Human Services. They are required by law to respond to you within 90-180 days. You have two years from the date of the injury or date of the civil claim or date of the crime to do this filing.
But I want you to join me starting tomorrow to overwhelm the General Counsel’s office of HHS to be overwhelmed with millions of claims. I want every person who has filed and unemployment claim to fill out Form 95 and send it. I want the Dept of HHS to know their violation of their own rules which led to the destruction of your life and livelihood comes at a cost. I want every single one of you to take that form and flood the office of the General Counsel.
I want to hear a week from now that the Office of the General Counsel of HHS has been overrun with 30 million forms of claims for benefits from an illegal clinical trial. And the specifics of the clinical trial are that you have been forced into an experiment in which you did not give consent. And the experiment was called social distancing and face mask wearing. That’s the experiment. There is no institutional review board. There is no independent doctor. And it is up to you now to take a stand. We the people have an ability to have our voices heard. If a million or 30 million or 100 million of us act, we will be heard. Because they have no recourse. Because they write the rules and they didn’t follow them.”