September 11, 1991: Bush Sr. New World Order Speech; Agenda 21/2030

September 11, 1991 | 

Former CIA Director, President George H.W.  Bush Sr., New World Order Speech  

“What is at stake is more than one small country. It is a big idea, a new world order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of man kind; peace and security, freedom and the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle and worthy of our children’s future.”    
– George Bush Sr.          LINK



Wake Up America! Dr. John Coleman  Link

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The Committee of 300


Link To Article _Dr John Coleman – One World Order – Socialist Dictatorship







The Green Agenda – Club of Rome

“New enemies therefore have to be identified. New strategies imagined, new weapons devised. The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.”






Behold A Pale Horse – William Cooper 

February 23, 1991

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Link To_ William_Cooper-Behold_a_Pale_Horse


George Bush Sr. unlawfully signed America on to UN Agenda 21 in 1992.

Link To _Document_Agenda 21

As UN Ambassador, head of CIA, Bush led more than presidency  Link

George H. W. Bush and The CIA  LINK

Bush Sr., later signed UN Agenda 21: 





Obama-Biden Administration / Agenda 2030

President Obama’s Commitment to Global Development 

“Building on Over a Half Century of U.S. Leadership

2015 is a pivotal year for global development. World leaders gathered in New York today to adopt the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (“2030 Agenda”). The adoption of the 2030 Agenda, which sets out a global development vision and priorities for the next 15 years, captures the hopes and ambitions of people around the globe for meaningful change and progress, including here in the United States. Through the adoption of this historic framework, the United States joins with countries around the world…”






5G and Hidden Agendas: The UN’s Betrayal of the world it was intended to serve





Agenda 21 Overview  LINK

Rosa Koire – Behind the Green Mask Link


Clinton-Gore Administration: 1997 Benign Weather Modification 

1997 Defense Secretary Cohen



1999 Clinton Approves Technology Transfer to China   LINK

“Mr. Clinton’s notification also follows by less than a week the release of a report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which concluded that lax monitoring of the launching of American-made satellites aboard Chinese rockets had enhanced the accuracy of China’s ballistic missile arsenal.”  LINK


September 10, 2001: 


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September 11, 2001

 Never Forget (Building 7)

  World Trade Center – Building 7  LINK



Representative Cynthia McKinney Questions Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld & General Richard Meyers


Link To C-Span Video 2006 | Rep. Cynthia McKinney asks important questions about DynCorp, 9-11 WarGames, Missing Pentagon Trillions.


American Blackout – Stolen Election –  Running for President – February 3, 2008

 “Cynthia McKinney talks about “9/11″ (Sept. 11 2001), Stolen Elections, Diebold voting machines, why she’s running for President as a Green Party candidate despite her treatment in political circles and by the media, speaking about how Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were also treated, Palestine/Israel challenges, participating in her campaign.” Link

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George Bush Jr:

911, illegal foreign invasions/occupations including Iraq & Afghanistan, US domestic spying and warfare; Tropospheric Aerosol Program , Department of Defense Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza…

Reference to “social distancing” p. 28.

Link To Department of Defense Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza    CDC LinkWHO



2010  Obama-Biden  Geoengineering 

Re: Solar Radiation Management:

“..increasing the reflectivity of the atmosphere by whitening clouds over the ocean or injecting reflective aerosol particles into the stratosphere to scatter sunlight;”   -p.2

Link To Preliminary Observations on Geoengineering Science, Federal Efforts, and Governance Issues


Link to STATE DEPT’S $500 MILLION TRANSFER TO THE U.N.  March 15, 2016


“Senators Barrasso and Gardner have suggested that the State Department’s decision to unilaterally transfer $500 million of U.S. tax dollars to a U.N. slush fund that the American people never authorized and for which money was never appropriated breaks down trust between the executive branch and the legislative branch – as well as between Washington and the American people.”


Obama-Biden State Department sends another $500 million to UN Green Climate Fund

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2020 Trump Administration

RE: $TRILLIONS of  dollars spent on hazardous and toxic UN-US-WMO climate interventions.




Link ToWeather Policy Bipartisan Bicameral Effort 2017 

June 2019 |  Federal Weather Enterprise 2020:

“Exercise leadership in coordinating U.S. efforts in international weather research priorities including the current World Meteorological Organization Grand Challenges.”  p4   

Link To Full_The Grand Challenges, by Hwirin Kim-2


The Defense Department Wants to Use the Atmosphere as a Sensor



H.R. 2839

“That the Secretary of State shall, at the time of the submission of the President’s budget to Congress under section 1105(a) of title 31, United States Code,  transmit to the Committees on Appropriations the most recent biennial budget prepared by the United Nations for the operations of the United Nations;”

Link To Full_BILLS-116hr2839rh





Did you know?

In 1934 Major General Butler stopped plot that would overthrow U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and install a fascist government. Who was involved in the plot?  Respected names like Robert Sterling Clark, Grayson M.P. Murphy, and Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush, is the father / grandfather of Bush Sr. & Jr.  Link

Major General Smedley Butler and the 1930s Plot to Overthrow the President; War Is A Racket