5G and Hidden Agendas: The UN’s Betrayal of the world it was intended to serve

3 September 2019 |

Written statement* by Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc., The, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status

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“Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations in June 1995, then Secretary- General Boutros Boutros Ghali tellingly said that, in order to chart the UN’s future course, it was “appropriate to reflect and to draw strength from the early history of the UN, the Rockefeller family”.

Since the 19th century when the first oil fields were discovered, oil money has been used to shape and monopolize every aspect of the world we live in, from the pharmaceutical industry; the education system; and the medical profession; from the League of Nations Health Organization to the World Health Organization; from the “Green Revolution” to the “Gene Revolution”; from World Wars to Gulf Wars; to the current day and age of “climate change”.

Oligarchs have always used philanthropy as cover for business takeovers. Today, a plethora of NGOs are financed for the purpose of disseminating brazenly misleading “science” propagated by bought-and-paid-for “experts” who appear on bought-and-paid-for mainstream media. These subservient thought police discredit independent thinkers by casting them as “revisionists”, “conspiracy theorists”, “pseudo-scientists”, “dissidents”, and more recently, “terrorists”.

From Hollywood’s preemptive programming to mainstream media Newspeak hysteria, these globe-dominating forces exploit our inner reluctance to face reality objectively in order to establish an ever more constrictive neo-feudal system based on linguistic relativity. War has become peace, freedom has become slavery and truth has become lies.

The public has long since identified the oligarchs and recognized their destructive grip on the planet. To them, the promise of a “post-carbon” future represents the end of this oligarchy. They couldn’t be more wrong: they fail to grasp that since many decades the quest for oil has been substituted by the quest for control.

Having long outgrown their dependence on the commodity that brought them their power and riches, the oligarchs are at the forefront of this push for the “post carbon” era. It is a concept that they created and that lurks behind the UN’s various black-and-white agendas, packaged as “sustainable” and “smart”, from which the same monopolists benefit via public- private partnerships.

Their goal now is to usher in a new international order, one in which their control is consolidated, their power unassailable and the future of our world a deep-faked science- fiction in which every aspect of life is brought under their control.

This technocracy is to be structured around a new monetary paradigm based on “energy certificates”, in which our “freedom” will be measured in Joules and centrally planned by a technocratic elite.

In 1922, the Rockefeller Foundation launched a series of grants equivalent to millions of dollars in today’s money that found their way into the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute’s eugenics programmes. One of the main beneficiaries was Ernst Rüdin, a Swiss-born researcher and key architect of Germany’s eugenics programme under the Third Reich, who co-edited the official rules and commentary on the Law for the Prevention of Defective Progeny, which was passed on July 14, 1933, less than six months after Hitler was appointed interim Chancellor.

As American Eugenics Society co-founder Frederick Osborne wrote, “Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under a name other than eugenics”. Accordingly, he moved the American Eugenics Society into the offices of John D. Rockefeller III’s Population Council, becoming its President in 1957.

Facilitating the transition from the unpalatable “eugenics” to population control to transhumanism and environmentalism was Sir Julian Huxley, brother of Brave New World author Aldous Huxley. The Huxleys were a committed eugenicist family and Huxley emerged as a crucial figure delegated to chart the passage from what has been referred to as “old eugenics” to a new eugenics based on molecular biology.

In 1946, he became the first Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and then went on to chair the British Eugenics Society from 1959 to 1962.

In UNESCO’s founding document, “UNESCO, its purpose and its philosophy”, Huxley states:

Even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.

In 1948, he used UNESCO as a springboard to found the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a front to pursue the now-discredited work of eugenics under a different guise.

In 1961, he again used UNESCO to create the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in conjunction with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, founder of the Bilderberg Group and ex-IG Farben employee; Prince Philip of England, a Nazi sympathizer; and Godfrey Rockefeller, a committed eugenicist.

Another key figure of this doublethink agenda is lifelong David Rockefeller associate Maurice Strong, whose role was to find a means of “curing” the “disease” of mankind, which according to John D. Rockefeller III was to be found at the UN, whose headquarters was built on land donated by his family.

In 1969, pseudo-scientist Paul “the-sky-is-falling” Ehrlich told the United States Commission for UNESCO that “the Government might have to put sterility drugs in reservoirs and in food shipped to foreign countries to limit human multiplication”.

“The First Global Revolution”, a 1991 report from the blandly named “Club of Rome”, states that “The real enemy is humanity itself”.

These structures pushing the depopulation agenda are the creation of these same people, who crafted it behind closed doors in locked-down hotels. Today, the very same incestuous cliques are seeking to replace the “precautionary principle” with the “innovation principle” on spurious grounds.

5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence or AI, smart meters, biometrics, transhumanism, autonomous cars, drones, cashless societies – all of these buzzwords are sold to us as necessary evolutions that have absolutely no drawbacks since they emanate from people who should be trusted because they care about us and the freedoms we used to have. Their own track-records in terms of credibility speaks volumes.

Data is the oligarchs’ new oil and the technologies they sell to us as indispensable to our welfare are nothing but enablers for the imposition of complete control.

Among the most deleterious consequences of this multi-faceted agenda are the environmental effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). These are being covered up by the UN’s World Health Organization, the same one that continues to maintain that the Chernobyl catastrophe killed only 51 people. The UN’s rush to embrace 5G in all its programmes while failing to even mention the need for precaution over health repercussions demonstrates a wilful abdication of responsibility.

At the forefront of this cover-up we find the United States Department of Defense and its supine NATO client states, along with the military-industrial complex that owns them. The energy-industrial complex and telecommunications companies, which together have a huge liability motive for a cover-up, are also implicated by their capture of regulatory cartels such as the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and many others.

Professor Tom Butler, Principal Investigator at The Governance Risk and Compliance Competence Centre in Ireland, said recently:

Children are at growing risk of present and future ill-health from wireless technology due to weak governments, captured government departments and agencies, corrupt institutions, a compliant press and unethical or ignorant academics.

The exponential rise in public exposure to electromagnetic radiation is putting the future of humanity at great risk, a fact that has been known for many decades. Many non-thermal, biological effects occur at levels orders of magnitude lower than those allowed even in countries such as Switzerland, which pretends to be applying the precautionary principle because its exposure guidelines are lower.

These biological effects include cellular apoptosis, DNA damage, lowered fertility, neurological/neuropsychiatric effects, oxidative stress, hormonal effects and cancer.

Probable effects include cardiac events via electrical control of the heart, and ADHD and autism via late prenatal and early post-natal EMR exposures. We are now seeing people aged 30 developing Alzheimer’s and even younger ones developing “digital dementias”.

History shows that from the very beginning the UN and its sister organizations have been ideologically and financially driven by the same interests who have taken control and monopolized our fundamental needs without a care for life on Earth.

This violates everything the UN supposedly stands for and the spirit of the treaties emanating from the organization as understood by the public. The UN is indistinguishable from Orwell’s Big Brother.”


Link To Document  UN 5G and Hidden Agendas- The UN’s Betrayal of the world it was intended to serve




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Written statement* submitted by Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc., The, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status_pace5Gstatement