Mandates Are A Bluff

July 10, 2020 | By Colin Stayton | The – Local Breaking News – Opinion | 

“Via something called an “Executive Order,” the facemask mandate will go into effect in Hamilton County on Friday until Sept. 8. This is an illegal executive order and carries no legal weight. Those issuing it know this, which is why Jim Coppinger was too cowardly to issue it himself, but passed off the dirty deed to Dr. Paul Hendricks, who is not even a duly elected representative of the people.

The County Sheriff has said he is not interested in enforcing the mandate. Why? Because the Sheriff knows the District Attorney won’t seek to prosecute. Why? Because attorneys, who actually know the laws of the land, aren’t interested in things that aren’t laws.

Governors, mayors, and “health officials” are not allowed to make laws, according to the U.S. Constitution and all State Constitutions. That question is not up for interpretation or discussion. Legislatures make laws, hence the name LEGislature. From the Latin lex/legis, meaning law/of the law. State legislatures also have access to all of the same information the governors have concerning the dangers of Covid, so why aren’t they making laws? Why are governors making laws? Because the state legislatures are supposed to be direct representatives of the people, and apparently they don’t feel these laws are necessary. So they are just being bypassed.

It is much easier for Bill Gates and the Federal Reserve (who have already stolen trillions from us with this latest crisis at the behest of the private banks who control them) to buy off 50 governors than to buy off thousands of state senators and representatives, so that is what we are seeing. We are seeing legislatures mothballed in favor of fascist and illegal rule by governors.

The media tells you the governors and mayors have this authority, when they do not. It is basically a big bluff, but if you believe it and act on it, it is all the same. At that point they have you. If you will obey illegal orders, then they can just dispense with the law and the Constitution, ruling you through fear and bluff. If you will do anything you are told with no laws to back it up, you are then what? A slave. Not just like a slave, but a slave by the definition of the word. If you are ruled by fear and force, with no laws and no representation by a legislature, you are a slave. Period.”


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