“Remove the Mask! Liberate Thyself!”

2020 | by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law

Scientific Proof
Dust masks will not halt the spread of the virus.  First of all, there’s no scientific proof that dust masks work – no evidence that they block viruses – and no evidence that they halt the spread of contagion.  In fact, dust masks are harmful to wearers.

CO2 & Oxygen
Dust masks tend to trap expelled CO2 – forcing the wearer to breathe the same CO2 over and over again.  Dust masks create unhealthy CO2 surpluses.  As CO2 accumulates inside the mask, it displaces oxygen, which inhibits oxygen uptake.  Dust masks create unhealthy oxygen deficits.

Lung Infections
Wearing a dust mask for prolonged periods creates a warm, moist environment inside the mask – where microbes, (bacteria, mold, and fungi), accumulate and breed.  This microbial build-up can migrate to the lungs thereby causing infections.  Dust masks increase the risk of lung infections.

Microscopic Viruses
Viruses are too small to be filtered-out by dust masks.  The N95 is meant to block visible objects like sawdust particles, not microscopic viruses — which sail through pores in the mask like mosquitoes through a chain-link fence!

How Large is a Covid?
A coronavirus is approx. 100 nanometers wide (0.1 microns); in comparison, the particulate matter in a puff of smoke is approx. 300 nanometers wide (0.3 microns).  Particles in a puff of smoke are three times the size of a Covid.  To put it in perspective, a human hair is about 50,000 nanometers wide, (50 microns), which means that hair is about 166 times wider than a smoke particle and about 500 times wider than a Covid.

The Smell of Smoke 
If you can smell cigarette smoke through your dust mask, then your mask is not blocking smoke particles.  And, if your mask is not blocking smoke particles, then it won’t block Covids — which are just one-third the size of smoke particles.  Covids pass effortlessly through dust masks.

Dust Masks are for Dust
According to the packaging, the N95 is designed for: “sanding wood, metal, dried paint, cutting masonry/concrete or installing fiberglass insulation.”  The N95 blocks 95% of particulate matter floating around in the garage, but it is neither designed nor intended to block viruses or halt the spread of contagion.

Dust masks are not meant to filter-out viruses.

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Real virologists don’t wear dusts masks!

False Sense of Security
Dust masks provide a false sense of security.  Wearing dust masks can be detrimental to the psyche – especially when the wearer learns that he or she was hoodwinked into wearing one.
Mandatory mask policies inevitably result in discrimination against educated freethinkers who don’t “believe-in” wearing masks.  The imposition of state-mandated belief systems is always unconstitutional, [First Amendment].
Pharma & State
Mandatory mask policies create perilous entanglements of pharma and state—which offend the Constitution just as surely as entanglements of church and state!


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Enquiring Minds Want to Know
If masks work, then why the social distancing?  If social distancing works, then why the masks?  If either work, then why the nationwide house arrest?
Wake UP! 
N-95 is not a respirator—it’s a mind control device!  Wear it and flaunt your submission to the state!  Emancipate yourself from mental slavery!  None but ourselves can free our minds!
Resist Now!
Go outdoors!  Remove the mask!  Liberate thyself!

–   T H E   E N D   –

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“Freedom means nothing if you can’t
keep the government out of your body.”
T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

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