“California Wildfires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation and Geoengineering”

October 2018 |  J. Marvin Herndon and Mark Whiteside |  Journal of Geography, Environment, and Earth Science International |


“In this Review, we aim to reveal an unrecognised source of causality leading to increases in combustibility, intensity, and the extent of California, United States of America wildfires, and the concomitant harm to human and environmental health. We review literature, including scientific and medical, and evidence, including photographic, of near-daily, near-global jet-spraying particulates in the atmosphere as related to wildfires. We review the evidence that atmospheric manipulation utilising aerosolised coal fly ash is a primary factor in the extent and severity of forest fires in California and elsewhere; adverse effects include exacerbation of drought, tree and vegetation die-off and desiccation, and unnaturally heating the atmosphere and surface regions of Earth. Forest combustibility is increased by moisture-absorbing aerosolised particles that damage the waxy coatings of leaves and needles, reducing their tolerance to drought. The aerial climate manipulation using coal fly ash greatly increases the potential for forest fire ignition by lightening. Wildfires dramatically worsen baseline air pollution, emitting harmful gases and volatile organic compounds, and they both concentrate and re-emit toxic elements and radioactive nuclides over a wide area.  The type of air pollution created by wildfires is associated with increased all-cause mortality, with the greatest impact on respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that aerosolised coal fly ash is an important risk factor for chronic lung disease, lung cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Failure to recognise multifold adverse consequences of jet-spraying particulates into the atmosphere, we submit, will continue the progression of ever-accelerating ecological disasters.”

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1972 | The New York Times | United States used cloud seeding as a weapon in Vietnam | 

Rainmaking Is Used As Weapon by U.S.






Gov. Schwarzenegger – CA Cloud Seeding 2007

“Operational weather modification (cloud seeding) has been conducted in California since the early 1950s—one of the longest records of seeding in the world. Cloud seeding has been conducted in many areas, but the most continuous programs have been in winter over the Sierra Nevada.”

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2015: LA Weather Modification (Cloud Seeding) 

Weather Modification (Cloud Seeding) Services






2003 Letter from California Congressman in Response to Opposition to Weather Modification Programs







LA Times

1990: Official Urges Halt to Cloud Seeding

California IN BRIEF : YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK : Official Urges Halt to Cloud Seeding







The result of decades of cloud seeding with combustible agents has resulted in horrific fires and environmental devastation. 





August 20, 2020

“We are experiencing fires the likes of which we haven’t seen in many, many years,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said.”

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March 2019

California Energy Commission | Gavin Newsom

Aerosol Impacts on the Hydrology and Hydropower Generation in California

“The presence of aerosols causes $2.8 million loss in revenue in a water year for Southern California Edison, providing more justification for stricter environmental regulations to reduce anthropogenic aerosol emissions.”





LA Times

1991: LA County Officials fear lawsuits for cloud seeding

County Refuses to Revive Cloud-Seeding for Fear of Suits






LA Times

2016 – LA Cloud Seeding with silver iodide, combustable agent

L.A. officials seeded clouds during El Niño storm in hopes of more rain