Citing definition of torture, Guantanamo abuse, German Lawyer drafts template for Parents: Criminal complaint about the introduction of a mask requirement for schoolchildren, 5G hazards

August 4, 2020 | Wilfried Schmitz, Lawyer | ( Translated from German ) |

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“Mask requirement for NRW students in class

The following text for all concerned parents and children:

See template in the appendix.

All affected parents should send this on August 12, 2020.

Wilfried Schmitz



To the
Prosecutor’s office Düsseldorf Fritz-Roeber-Straße 2
40213 Dusseldorf

By mail or fax: 0211 / 6025-2929
(not by email)

Model city, August 12, 2020
Criminal complaint about the introduction of a mask requirement for schoolchildren in NRW as of August 12, 2020

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby file a criminal complaint against all members of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia because of all possible criminal offenses and forms of participation especially because of the suspicion the bodily harm (in office) by active doing acc. §§ 223, 340 StGB, the coercion in office through active doing and refraining from. §§ 240 para. 4, 13 StGB
the seduction of subordinates to a crime according to § 357 StGB, the abuse of persons under protection by active doing and refraining from acc. §§ 225, 13 StGB,
Treason against a country acc. Section 82 (1) no.2 of the Criminal Code in each case (insofar as intent offenses are referred to) also jointly Section 25 (2) StGB.

On the portal “We in NRW – The State Portal” of the North Rhine-Westphalian state government under the heading “Be careful and careful – clear requirements for an adapted school operation in Corona times – 3.8.2020 …”
available under the link:

i.a. (Quote):
Regardless of how such a mask requirement is to be assessed under criminal law and liability law throughout the entire course, in order to be able to make the true dimension of this unjust injustice clear, it must be emphasized in the introduction, what according to the UN Anti-Torture Convention, see among others:

“Torture” means (quote):

“Article 1 of the UN Convention against Torture provides a definition of torture:

“In particular, the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection is being significantly expanded in schools. For example, until August 31, 2020, all schools are required to wear a mask on the school premises. For pupils from grade 5 onwards, this basically also includes time of the lesson.”

According to Article 1 of the Convention, torture means any act that intentionally inflicts great physical or mental pain or suffering on a person.

This definition is further specified by explanatory examples. This is the way to do this pain or suffering action:

•  For example, to obtain a statement or a confession from the person or a third party,
• to punish them for an actual or suspected act committed by them or a third party
• to intimidate or force them or a third party
• or from another, based on any kind of discrimination


However, it is a requirement of Article 1 that

• This pain or suffering from a member of the public service
• or another person acting in an official capacity,
• at their instigation
• or with their express or tacit consent

For comparison, look at the pictures of the prisoners in Guantamo, on which they can be seen with a mask?

Are such conditions that are contrary to international law now the ideal by which we should base our children’s upbringing? Is this the world we want our children to have?


Now to the question of how wearing a mask affects the health of those who wear it, especially if this is done under duress:

To answer this question, I would like to point to the most extensive study to date on psychological complaints as a result of the current regulations on oral, nasal and mask wear in Germany by Dipl.-Psychol. Reference Daniela Prosa, available in full text, among others under:

This (quote) “Germany’s first comprehensive and completed” Research Gap “study with characteristic-specific sufficient representativity and a sample size of 1,010 focuses on stress, complaints and consequential damage that has already occurred within the scope of the current oral and nasal protection regulations” by Dip.-psychologist Daniela Present Prousa.

In the introductory “Abstract” (Quote):

“The fact that about 60% of people who are clearly burdened with the regulations are already experiencing severe (psychosocial) consequences, such as a greatly reduced participation in life in society due to aversion-related efforts to avoid MNS, social withdrawal, reduced health self-care (up to the avoidance of doctor’s appointments) or the intensification of pre-existing health problems (post-traumatic stress disorders, herpes, migraines) exceeded all expectations of the examiner.”

The results urge a very timely examination of the benefit-harm ratio of the MNS regulations. ”(End of quote)
Since the detailed reproduction of the content of this 128-page study would go beyond the scope of this brief, I would like to refer fully to the content of this study in order to avoid repetition and to maintain clarity and thus make it the subject of my presentation.

In addition, it should be noted that, in the opinion of numerous experts in this context (protection against infection), wearing a mask is usually of no use anyway, but it has been shown to have many other disadvantages.
In order to substantiate this claim and make it credible, I would like to limit myself here to the following sources:

The experts Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Prof. Dr. Karina Reiss cannot therefore make the introductory remark in her book “Corona False Alarm” in her chapter on “Mask Obligation” from page 64

pinch (quote): “How stupid can you actually be – one would like to ask.
Point 1) There is no scientific evidence that symptom-free people without cough and fever spread the disease
Point 2) Simple masks do not hold back the viruses, especially if you cough
Point 3) As is known, they do not protect against infection.
Corona virus size: 160 nanometers (0.16 micrometers), “pores” size in simple cotton masks 0.3 micrometers. They fly through conventional masks or fabric mouth-nose covers like through an open window. …” (Quote end)

In the doctoral thesis of Ulrike Butz with the title “Breathing back in carbon dioxide when using surgical masks as hygienic mouth protection for medical professionals” from 2004, available in full text at:

The summarizing result is that “under surgical face masks” (also) in normal breathing people, the impaired permeability (note of the signatory: permeability) of the masks causes an “accumulation of carbon dioxide” (ibid., p. 43). It also says there (quote): The accumulation of carbon dioxide (22.49 mmHg, STEV 2.30) under each surgical surgical mask examined increased the transcutaneously measured carbon dioxide partial pressure (5.60 mmHG, STEV 2.38). A compensatory increase in respiratory rate or a decrease in oxygen saturation was not demonstrated. Because hypercapnia (signatory’s note: increased carbon dioxide levels in the blood) can restrict various brain functions … “.

Even that – in my opinion not serious and reliable, but here can be used – Wikipedia describes the symptoms of hypercapnia as follows (quote):

“Skin reddening, muscle twitching, extrasystoles. Coma (CO2 anesthesia
In my view, the fact that SH’s population has not even been informed about these general dangers of wearing a mask can only be described as an irresponsible risk to the health of countless people.


But the truth is probably even more dramatic:
The biologist Clemens G. Arvay published a YouTube video on April 3rd, 2020 with the title “What a FIASKO, Mr. Kurz!” only fiasco “criticized because the folds of the masks create a” virus-friendly climate “with which these viruses are kept alive or actively as long as possible.
He therefore describes this mask requirement as completely “counterproductive” or “complete idiocy”. There would be “red lines over which people with reason” do not want to go “. In his view, it would be much better to just leave out the masks.


4th quoted as follows (quote):
“At first there is one
In the advanced stage panic, seizures,
disorders and finally on.”
And also the world doctor president Frank Ulrich Montgomery criticizes the mask requirement sharply, as even reports. He and the pediatrician Thomas Fischbach are described in the article “Deceptive security
through masks? “under the link:
“World Medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery has sharply criticized the mask requirement that applies throughout Germany in the fight against the corona virus. Whoever wears a mask is led by a deceptive feeling of security to forget the “only decisive minimum distance”, Montgomery told the “Rheinische Post”. The masks could also be used improperly
become dangerous, warned the chairman of the World Medical Association.

The virus is concentrated in the fabric, and when you touch the Face, infection is hardly possible faster. He was wearing
a mask “out of courtesy and solidarity, but keep one
legal obligation for “wrong”.
Montgomery also criticized that state governments consider wearing simple masks and using scarves or scarves for respiratory protection to be sufficient. A duty to wear scarves or scarves in front of the face is “ridiculous”. At the same time, he emphasized that “really effective masks” are currently still needed for medical staff, nursing staff and those at risk.
The president of the pediatrician and adolescent physician Thomas Fischbach also warned against the requirement of a mask for kindergarten children to contain the corona pandemic. “There may also be younger children who accept mouth-nose protection, but most of them will see it more as a toy, because of that fiddling around and thus increasing the risk of infection even more, “Fischbach told the newspapers of the Funke media group. It was therefore unwise for some states to prescribe toddlers to wear the mask even in public areas
… ”(end of quote).


It is also not recognizable that the accused have considered the possibility that wearing such a mask could even create the risk of hypoxia.


Finally, to further substantiate my medical objections to the obligation to wear a mask, I could also take an affidavit
At a
the body or a part of the body with too little oxygen
provided. The reason for this can be, for example, a lung disease, a serious injury to the chest (thoracic trauma) or poisoning. The brain is particularly sensitive to a lack of oxygen: nerve cells die after just a few minutes
ab – there is hypoxic brain damage.
Further to the term:

Submit insurance from doctor Jette Limberg-Diers from 21521 Wohltorf, in which she stated (quote):
“I, Gunhild Jette Limberg-Diers, am a licensed doctor. Based on my experience and my medical knowledge, without any claim to completeness, I hereby insure to the best of my knowledge and belief as follows:
The lawyer Wilfried Schmitz in his Proposals made regarding negative health effects from wearing face masks are correct in my opinion and I fully share his concerns.
In order to avoid repetition, I explicitly refer to the medical dissertation of my colleague Ulrike Butz, submitted by Mr. RA Schmitz to the court, entitled “Breathing back in carbon dioxide when using surgical masks as hygienic mouth protection for medical professionals” from 2004. The interpretation of this dissertation by lawyer Schmitz is correct in my opinion.
In summary, I note (details can be found in the application of Mr. RA Schmitz):

Longer, in particular improper use of a mouth and nose protector results in the following problems:
1. The carrier (layperson) is inclined to think of incorrect safety and consequently the only safe way to avoid infection: the minimum distance is often no longer observed.
2. Improper use of the protection increases the risk of contamination (undesired contamination on surfaces, parts of the body).
3. It is self-contained in the respiratory protection (no matter whether mask or cloth). “Moist chamber through the air we breathe. Pathogens of any kind (whether virus or bacteria) love a warm and humid environment, in which they reproduce more and more.
4. The mouth-nose shield reduces the absorption of oxygen and increases the amount of carbon dioxide that has already been exhaled. The change in the corresponding blood gas concentrations is scientifically demonstrable, as in the dissertation by Dr. med. Ulrike Butz. By supplying the lungs with less oxygen, the lung tissue is more easily and quickly attacked by germs of all kinds, including the so-called corona virus. Increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the blood can lead to various, sometimes serious consequences come. For details, please refer to the Schmitz application or in particular the above. Dissertation. Mainly preloaded patients (asthma, allergy, COPD = chronic obstructive

Lung disease) and people with anxiety disorders are special here
at risk.
5. (Small) children, the mentally handicapped and dementia become their own
and strangers wearing a mouth-nose protection not only physically impaired, but also psychologically traumatized and scared.
Overall, I personally consider the general obligation to wear a mouth and nose protection in view of the scientifically proven lack of positive effects to be not only disproportionate, but as a massive encroachment on physical integrity up to bodily harm. ”(End of quote)

For those accused here, there is the strictest duty to protect the life and health of the people in this country, which is a guarantee 13 of the Criminal Code and, in the event of an (intentional) violation of this duty to protect – in conjunction with the relevant criminal offenses – can at least (also) justify criminal liability for failure to do so.

According to the permanent case law of the BVerfG (quote):

In its classic content, Article 2.2 sentence 1 GG protects the right to Life and physical integrity before government intervention. According to the case law of the Federal Constitutional Court, the fundamental right is not limited to a subjective right of defense against such interference. Rather, a duty of protection of the state and its organs for the protected legal good can be derived from it, the neglect of which can in principle be asserted by the person concerned with the constitutional complaint (cf.BVerfGE 77, 170 <214>; 77, 381 <402 f.> ).

The duty of protection obliges the state to take a protective and supportive approach to endangered human life, in particular to protect it from unlawful interventions by third parties (see BVerfGE 39, 1 <42>; 46, 160 <164>; 49, 89 <141 f. >; 53, 30 <57>; 56, 54 <73>). Such an obligation to protect also exists with regard to the risks of abuse, which
assume handling of firearms (see BVerfGK 1, 95 <98>).

When fulfilling this protection obligation from Art. 2 Para. 2 Clause 1 GG, however, the legislature, like the executive power, has further scope for assessment, evaluation and design (cf. BVerfGE 77, 170 <214>). The decision as to which measures are required can only be checked to a limited extent. The Federal Constitutional Court can only determine a violation of the duty to protect if the public authority has not taken any precautions or the measures taken are completely unsuitable or completely inadequate to achieve the required protection goal (see BVerfGE 56, 54 <80 f.>; 77, 381 <405>; 79, 174 <202>; stRspr). ”
(BVerfG – 2 BvR 1676/10)

I would also like to remind you why the failure to adequately educate the population about criticism from numerous experts against the lockdown (allegedly) because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and about the true dangers of 5G mobile technology (also) are the fundamental rights of everyone People in this country, not just the children, according to their lives and physical integrity. Art. 2 Abs. 2 S. 1 GG has violated and still violates.
In addition, this government policy also embodies a violation of our human dignity according to Art. 1 para. 1 Basic Law.
We, the people of this country, feel that this absurd, apparently never-ending game of “carrot and stick” has reduced us to the rank of lawless system slaves, which is now culminating in this mask requirement in schools and should ultimately amount to this that all of us, including our children, should be vaccinated like a piece of cattle, although there is no scientific and legal justification for such an obligation to vaccinate – at least in my opinion.

The fact that there is a perfidious “master plan” through which people are actually to be manipulated to the rank of arbitrarily manipulated or “transformable” stupid monkeys is no longer a “conspiracy theory”, but can be specifically demonstrated, see the following YouTube video with the Title “The Perfidious Plan of the World Economic Forum” from minute 1:55: 3PhzAJM&list=FLCzhxhg0PXUCFr1GBiqSJig &index= 2 & t = 4s
In this video you will find instructions on how to find the following “COVID-19 Transformation map” … and what it means: cations

Has the “high politics” of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia ever reported on this incredible presumption of an economic elite to want to “completely” transform humanity in the course of this apparently staged “Corona” crisis?

Not? Why not? Is there even a single honest motive conceivable to keep the public from disclosing such extensive information?
that well-known experts emphatically represent that there is no “pandemic” at all, even no clear evidence of a new (dangerous) virus,
that now bears the name SARS-CoV2?
In addition, politicians and public service broadcasters are lacking any debate about whether these lockdown measures were and are suitable and necessary in order to achieve the purpose they claim to be.
Why is both politics and billion-dollar public broadcasting simply ignoring the fact that so far neither the existence of a (new) SARS-CoV2 virus, let alone the emergence and – much less – the persistence of one Can a “pandemic” be detected, which in terms of its danger to the health of the population goes beyond the annual danger of a flu wave?
All data and sources that I list below are easily accessible for everyone, some of them have been for many months and were therefore at least partially known even before the lockdown was imposed (from the end of March 2020).

Politicians, civil servants and judges who for months have persistently refused to acknowledge or acknowledge the publicly stated objections of well-known experts from all medical fields or the extremely important and meritorious “KM4 analysis of crisis management” by BMI employee Kohn To adequately appreciate, in my opinion guilty of serious omissions and breaches of duty because they have played poker with the health and life and also the livelihood of the people of this country.

Anyone who deliberately drives over the traffic lights, although well-known experts have been shouting “Stop, the traffic lights are on red!” For months now and run over people, is a case for the criminal courts, not for political offices.
Do the government and employees of public service
not notice that in broadcasts, for example, this persistent refusal to allow public discourse on these important issues is impressively demonstrated by public service media financed by compulsory fees carried along.

And much worse: Since the outbreak of the so-called Corona crisis, mass censorship has been carried out on the web, especially at the Google subsidiary “YouTube”.

YouTube videos with consistently factual-critical discussion contributions such as those by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg or from Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, who has already produced dozens of videos in his YouTube series “Corona (with increasing numbering), has been deleted repeatedly for no reason, including a video in which he read the letter from a mother, whose daughter out of despair about her social isolation as a result of Corona measures had attempted suicide.

Who actually wants that? And who can say that he knows nothing about these consequences or does not want them if he takes such restrictive measures as approval of proximity and visiting bans?

On April 20, 2020, the online magazine Rubikon cited more than 120 well-known experts who basically opposed all aspects of government measures to (allegedly) contain the spread of the corona
Virus have made numerous significant objections:

“Missing” coercion-financed “quality media” to teach about it? I will come back to this list immediately, because it is now over 250
Experts have grown.

After all, anyone who has seen the YouTube video “The Drost Price of the Nation” should ask himself why Prof. Drosten is (still) heard in politics and in the media, the hundreds of well-known experts who contradict hype, but not.

In any case, we have noted with concern that, according to the Federal Government’s position – which has certainly been well known for a long time – the (alleged) “pandemic” should only be over when a “vaccine” against the new corona virus is available.
In this atmosphere, parents who are critical of vaccinations and doctors are increasingly under pressure

Among other things, also the pediatrician Dr. med. André Braun, specialist for pediatric and adolescent medicine, Holzhäuserstr. 81 04299 Leipzigl came into the focus of the MDR and was also discredited with the claim that it helps parents who are critical of vaccinations to “avoid” the obligation to vaccinate against measles, see: impfen-maser-gegner-100.html
A discussion about whether vaccination against measles makes any sense – see, among other things, the book “The Vaccination Illusion” by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk – or whether – in addition – a measles virus has so far been scientifically proven, is not discussed, although the virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka, as he can be accessed free of charge in his free-of-charge article “go Virus go” at:
could not conclusively (!!) conclusively state that no one has yet been able to prove the existence of a measles virus.
So that the criminal justice system can get a good first overview of the scientific fraud on which the whole absurd “corona lockdown” is based, he recommends the YouTube video “The destruction of the corona hype”, available at:
If a few students were able to compile and appreciate such facts, then so can politicians, senior officials and journalists from public service broadcasting.

In the program of public law, has broadcasting seen a single, comparably objective and critical summary of the entire development of the corona hype in recent months?
Another good introduction, which at the same time illuminates the unscientific way of working of Prof. Drosten von der Charité, is provided by the article “Misinterpretation of VIRUS II – Beginning and End of the Corona Crisis” by Dr. Stefan Lanka, et. al under the link: misinterpretation-virus-part-2.pdf

I would also like to refer to this article in full in order to avoid repetitions.

The same applies to issue no. 32 of the ExpressZeitung with the title “Corona hysteria without evidence – WHO as a repeat offender” and the essay “The Corona crime thriller”, which I also present to you because they are, according to the publisher’s wishes maximum (free) distribution is determined.

In the meantime, the first books about this “global false alarm” based on scientific fraud have been published, especially “Corona false alarm?” By Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Prof. Dr. Karina Reiss.
Incidentally, the (soon to be published) book “Corona Dictatorship” includes can be read that since January 2020 it was known that the – supposedly new – SARS-CoV2 virus is only dangerous for certain risk groups.

Books like
“Virus delusion – How the medical industry is constantly inventing epidemics and making billions in profits at the expense of the general public” by Torsten Engelbrecht and Dr. med. Claus Köhnlein and “The Plague Inventors” by Hans U.P. Tolzin,
have been trying to educate the public for years that the latest epidemic sow that is being driven through the global village should always be met with extreme skepticism, and this skepticism arises naturally if one only looks at the history of “epidemic control” worked up over the last 100 years.YouTuber Gunnar Kaiser very well justified that the whole double standard of anti-corona politics can only be called “The Great Bluff” in his video of the same name from June 9th, 2020: 1GBiqSJig & index = 11 & t = 0s
Many other introductory and in-depth aspects of the whole scientific and political fraud could be named, and anyone who reads this ad would want to name other sources that he believes are particularly revealing.

Actually, I would now like to refer to a video about a tangible scandal about Correctiv’s self-proclaimed “fact checkers” or “guardians of truth”, because some federal states and also financially financed broadcasters are so happy to refer to their publications, for some of the following to discredit designated experts who strongly criticize the lockdown: GBiqSJig & index = 2 & t = 310s
However, this video has since been deleted by the censors on YouTube because questionable machinations by Correctiv may not be known.
So these “fact checkers” from Correctiv obviously have to undergo a thorough “fact check” first, and some authorities will probably have to help now.

Further false statements from Correctiv were titled by YouTuber Samuel Eckert in the video
“DROSTEN and the RKI REFUSES! The TRUTH about the PCR tests! Are the measures still sustainable? ”
proven, which thus (also) provides clear evidence that the PCR test is highly unreliable and the number of reproductions can be increased by expanding the number of tests, which opens the door to manipulation: GBiqSJig & index = 3

It should be emphasized once again that the whole house of cards for all justifications for the alleged lack of alternatives to lockdown as a result of the alleged “corona pandemic” is ultimately based on this completely unsuitable PCR test.
Have high politics and public service broadcasters ever adequately reported about it?

We can remind you that the unreliability of the PCR test results from a statement by Prof. Drosten, which he published in a tweet on April 13, 2020. There it says (quote):
“Sure: Towards the end of the process, the PCR is sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Chance plays a role here. If you test patients twice and leave them healed, you can certainly get positive test results again at home. That is why it is far from being reinfection. ”

(Source: Issue No. 32 of the ExpressZeitung, there page 52).
And such a test, which gives results as random as a coin flip, is used to determine the number of cases for official statistics? In my opinion, this is simply dubious and scientific fraud!
Dr. med. In his investigations on this PCR test, Thomas Quak came to the following conclusion:

Source: statistische-dilemma-des-thachenabstrichs-im-coronafreien-Raum /
Can a result be even more devastating?
Anyone who still cites the RKI completely uncritically in view of such findings thus openly confesses to completely unscientific statements and makes himself a helper of an inhuman and disastrous or fatal policy.

If the PCR test were a product that Stiftung Warentest would have to evaluate, then only grade 6 could be assigned here.
For unregulated PCR screening (in extreme cases, all Bavaria)
the results found are false with a probability of 85.8%. In other words: If you test 1000 people, the PCR shows 35 positively infected people, of which 30 are false positives. Only 5 out of 35 positive results are actually positive. ”

In addition, any statistic is preposterous from the outset, which simply records every “positive test” as “infected”, without differentiating between “infected” with or without symptoms of illness and without the (with high probability) significantly higher undisclosed number of untested and recorded “ Positive ”.
Significant and relevant to a question of whether and to what extent a virus poses a risk to the health of all people are ultimately only the deaths for which a virus is proven to be causally responsible, and which are undeniably below the number of Flu wave 2 years ago.

In addition, infected people without any symptoms – people who are not at all ill – ultimately have no place in such statistics.
And as long as no one has verified the existence of a (new) SARS-CoV-2 virus in accordance with scientific standards, there is no reason whatsoever to consider this SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is supposed to be so new, to be anything other than the corona Virus that has been known for many years and is regularly responsible for a certain percentage of viral diseases in every winter flu season.

This is exactly what Dr. Bodo Schiffmann in his YouTube video
“Sars-Cov2 is not new, but an old hat, it is now up to the public prosecutor to determine”


from June 29, 2020, available under the link:
In the commentary on this YouTube video by Dr. Bodo Schiffmann states (quote):

“Well, that’s how it is officially in Spain, the virus SARS-CoV2 was already detected in March 2019 and according to a Canadian study, the virus Sars-CoV-2 has probably existed since 2013. Wolfgang Wodarg is right here because he asked from the beginning whether you have ever looked for it before you say you have found something new.  It is crystal clear that it is not a new illness, but a flu wave that you irresponsibly kept on with the camera. It has been used to try to make a vaccine socially acceptable and has not been afraid to harm the entire economy worldwide and destroy millions of livelihoods. It is now time to hold those responsible to account and I hope that some prosecutors or judges will see this video. At the latest now it is clear that the pandemic was actually not a flu wave but was rededicated. The reason was that the scientific work was not clean right from the start. It started with a PCR test that was only based on a publication from Wuhan without the responsible virologist having previously cultivated or seen a virus. Based on that, the world economy was hit against the wall, medical treatments were postponed and many livelihoods and jobs worldwide were ruined. The damage is unforeseeable so far and will only really become clear at the end of the year. It is now time for those responsible to be held responsible for the measures in an extra-parliamentary committee of inquiry or in legal proceedings. In a new appeal, 13 Nobel Prize winners took a stand because they recognized the dangers to democracy worldwide. ”
(Quote end)

From page 22, ExpressZeitung No. 32 deals with 10 steps or requirements in detail, all of which must be completed or fulfilled if a new, infectious and contagious virus is to be detected:

Step 1:
Finding a new, widespread and dangerous clinical symptom pattern
Step 2:
Careful medical history (questioning the medical history)
Step 3:
Optical identification of the pathogen
Step 4:
High purification / isolation
Step 5:
Identification of unique features
Step 6:
Calibration of laboratory test
Step 7:
Fulfillment of the first Koch postulate

Step 8:
Fulfillment of the second Koch postulate, step 9:
Fulfillment of the third Koch postulate, step 10:
Documentation and confirmation
As the ExpressZeitung can prove at the same time, not one of these requirements was met in the allegedly scientific detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

To avoid repetition and to maintain clarity, reference is therefore made in full to the statements in ExpressZeitung No. 32, pp. 22 – 74.
In the above The work “Virus-Wahn”, which was reissued in 2020, has an update from page 351 with a new chapter entitled “Total Corona-Wahn: of worthless PCR tests and deadly medication”.

On page 353 there are also four questions that neither the RKI, nor the virologist Christian Drosten, nor the medical doctor Alexander S. Kekulé, Hartmut Hengel and Ralf Bartenschlager, nor Thomas Löscher, nor Ulrich Dirnagl, nor the virologist Georg Bornkamm could, or wanted to answer.

There it says (quote):

“1. In the SZ article” Too good to be true “(March 24, 2020) states:” Ulrich Dirnagl holds the thesis that without the tests, nobody would be interested in this virus, with a view to Italy for disproved. ”

But even if we assume that mortality in Italy has increased significantly, how can we rule out that people did not die prematurely due to non-microbial factors such as the administration of medication?

A Lancet study, for example, shows that out of 42 “positive” patients who came to a hospital in Wuhan, China at the beginning of the crisis, all received antibiotics and 38 (almost all) of them received the highly toxic antiviral drug oseltamavir. Six of the patients (15 percent) subsequently died.

2. If there are “no distinctive specific symptoms” for COVID-19 disease and a “distinction between the different pathogens is not clinically possible ”, as Prof. Thomas Löscher concedes – and if non-microbial factors (industrial poisons, medications etc.) can also be considered as causes for the most serious respiratory complaints such as pneumonia, how can one be sure that only that what is called SARS-CoV-2 as the cause of the symptoms in COVID-19?

3. The second Koch’s postulate and textbooks state it, and leading virus researchers such as Luc Montagnier also state that one complete purification of particles (“Purification”)
The prerequisite for this is to be able to detect a virus.
The authors of two relevant papers (Zhu et al., Wan Beom Park et al.), For example, who are mentioned in connection with the detection of SARS-CoV-2, concede on request that the electron microscope images shown in their work no “purified”, ie no completely cleaned particles can be seen.

But how can you conclude with certainty that the RNA gene sequence that you “draw” from the tissue samples prepared in the said studies and onto which you then “calibrate” the PCR tests becomes a very specific virus – in this case SARS -CoV-2 – belong? Especially since studies also show that the substances (including antibiotics) that are used in the test tube tests (in vitro) can “stress” the cell culture so that new gene sequences can be formed that were previously not detectable ?

4. If the PCR test is not sufficient to detect HIV infection, why should it be good enough to detect SARS-CoV-2 infection? “(End of quote)

So much for the willingness of the aforementioned “Corona supporters” to help clarify extremely relevant contexts by answering these questions clearly.

And one cannot show it often enough: The following statistics provide a more than clear indication that the usual flu wave was simply renamed Corona in 2020 – and was then also quite mild:

In this context, I would also like to watch the following YouTube videos with the German doctor Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt, founder of the Institute of Neurobiology, see:
to point out, which hopefully will not soon fall to the “censorship”: ature = emb_logoIn both videos, Dr. med. Klinghardt the fateful effects of EMR, especially the 5G mobile network, among others. on the immune system and blood-brain barrier of humans.

In the second video, he reports on his own, most revealing clinical experience with COVID-19 patients in the Evergreen Hospital in the USA, where he works regularly, and among other things, about a long-known and – also used by him – successfully used remedy for COVID-19 as well as about the long-term consequences of vaccines, which include cancer counts.

He also confirms that from a medical point of view there is no (!) Justification for the extensive restriction of basic and human rights that has been practiced for months due to this alleged SARS-CoV-2 “pandemic”. He speaks of “brutal abuse of science”, which consists in the fact that there are pseudoscientific efforts to show that the treatment he is addressing should not work.

Finally, he also believes that WHO has long been under the determining influence of Bill Gates. The statements of Dr. med. Klinghardt are so specific that they cannot simply be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”. Rather, they give reason for a thorough (international) criminal investigation.

The statements of Dr. med. Klinghardt are also confirmed by other publications.
For an introduction, just watch the 14-minute YouTube video “5G Military Technology”: qRkDeM & list = FLCzhxhg0PXUCFr1GBiqSJig & index = 2
The article “Part 2:” A completely new view of Corona & Covid 19 “by the” IFUR – Institute for Urfeld Research “, can also be accessed at the link: auf-corona-covid-19 /

in summary u.a. (Quote): ”
Worldwide there are applications in industry and also via satellite that work with Frequencies around 60 GHz work. The energy in this frequency band is completely absorbed by the oxygen in our breathing air. This changes the oxygen molecules and can no longer be transported by the hemoglobin in human blood. The affected people suffer from a deficient supply of oxygen to their organs, primarily from the lungs, brain and heart. This can lead to death. This then mistakenly becomes infection with a COVID-19 virus attributed. ”
Under the link: between-5g-networks-and-coronavirus-outbreaks /
A study is reported that has found a connection between 5G mobile radio networks and (alleged) “coronavirus” outbreaks. There it says, among other things (Quote):
“The study, I believe, is hugely significant in that it demonstrates clearly the most likely probability that the COVID-19 hypoxic injuries and hospital admissions are directly related to electromagnetic radiation exposure by 5G Networks.” correlation-coronavirus-5G-Bartomeu-Payeras-i Cifre.pdf? __ __ = cf_chl_jschl_tk ad31253d70bc6e38c30bde5597219eb84e68 14e4-1593512528-0- AU85k_mIZO0_MTUPDx9DKyzYT_NDd400y65AM0ahvtZTfNc92gHuVWS3CCsk fRPveCvm1gH_m8TO7yYzahHi- 4lKN_VNLJLJx8wJWktWZOnSYJKtaOdkbC3oYlcraYqLQT4wc8j4jLMqadGVW WB6nUcb9QrhTFY2VkQXOxboxLyWF_aDr1nqbs1nuUpUa8Cse2XmybkWn_P TdjmL_EshRNfAJC5dWOJdq8Qe2dmjdo9dU_r02yw8JdMftNHswjtwhm_u9bF mcp7o25m4z2Uxu0HZ_Qq_kZfuZW273TylV3TsuE6jELvT81hZu31Oonrztfb3Qw GzCbb91BMNwvZ31Wz7q0th2NsT- XPkaBPJNAHnb8pHQYOkHHOyl0oFXtLO92CDZp_iLTnGkCQGkClXOIU

Bartomeu Payers i Cifre’s “Study oft he correlation between cases of coronavirus and the pressence of 5G networks” is under the
The following link is available in full text:

In my opinion, currently – in certain political circles and uncritically following mainstream media – pretty much everything is allowed to pave the way for the “alternative” of a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.
The EU parliamentarian Prof. Klaus Buchner also soberly points out what is currently being covered up with astonishing PR / lobby efforts (see only the illuminating statements by Dr. Mercola in his latest book “EMF”) and preferably to be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”: The immune deficiency and cell damage caused by cell phone radiation, which has been clearly proven by hundreds of studies – which would be enormously potentiated by the planned 5G network.

The connection between 5G expansion and – due to proven immunosuppression – at least spreading favor (not: cause) is not at all so unreasonable and urgently needs to be examined. see corona-krise /
A study by a US authority has now confirmed that 5G radiation can cause corona diseases, see: radiation-can-cause-corona-diseases
Immunosuppression and various biological effects of pulsed high-frequency radiation are also addressed in a recent study that the European Parliament requested on the subject (source: / 6461 72 / EPRS_BRI (2020) 646172_EN.pdf).


From this EU report (p.10): “The current scientific literature shows that permanent exposure to wireless radiation is likely to have biological effects, which is particularly true for the special features of 5G: the combination of millimeter waves, a higher frequency, the Number of transmitters and number of connections – Various studies indicate that 5G would affect human, plant, animal, insect and microbial health – and that 5G would be a prudent approach because it is an untested technology The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Helsinki Final Act and other international treaties recognize that prior to actions that could affect human health, informed consent is an essential, fundamental one

It is a human right that becomes even more explosive when it comes to the exposure of children and adolescents. ”
I could name more studies on this subject, but that would go beyond the scope of this lawsuit. Therefore, I would like to refer to the other sources on the following link:

Let us note: Based on the – overwhelming – study situation so far, it is only natural to consider whether virus epidemics are exposed in areas where people are exposed to high-frequency radiation (which is definitely the case with 5G rollout), spread more than in areas that are not subject to electromagnetic pollution (compare also the historically and militarily well documented and evident occurrence of the so-called “radar disease” with a variety of non-specific symptoms and pathologies, including the occurrence of “flu-like” symptoms.)

Wishing such possible connections and implications of 5G without scrutiny is extremely unscientific and irresponsible or at least grossly negligent and already shows that responsible circles obviously shy away from confrontation with real things and would rather opt for a PR want to escape the designed high-gloss brochure illusion world.

Waking up from such a bird-ostrich policy will unfortunately be all the more unpleasant and “could” or will face the fatal fact of irreversible damage to humans and the ecosystem that every effort to protect the environment (not to be confused with “climate” protection) ) counteracted by a multiple potency – just like the expansion of 5G according to a study by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Federal Government on Global Change (WBGU) will be a real catalyst for exponentially increasing energy consumption and, if implemented nationwide, will prove to be an environmentally destructive factor par excellence would.

In such a policy, which is influenced by scientific charlatanism and massive economic influence, a lockdown cannot be justified from a constitutional point of view and, above all, from a criminal point of view.

Have the suspects and public service broadcasters ever reported on these relationships and backgrounds?

How unbelievably inhumane the policy supposedly to combat a corona virus is in truth is revealed in an official BMI paper entitled “How we can get COVID-19 under control” in a way that I no longer have in our time would have thought possible:ändigunge n / 2020 / corona / szenarienpapier-covid-19.pdf? __ blob = publicationFile & v = 4
Please read from this paper only once the text on page 13, where it says (quote):
“4. Conclusions for action and open communication
4 a. Clarify worst case!We have to get away from communication centered on the case mortality rate. With a case mortality rate that sounds insignificant in percentage terms, which mainly affects the elderly, many then think subconsciously and admittedly: «Well, we can get rid of the elderly who are pulling our economy down, we are already too many on earth anyway, and with a bit of luck I inherit a little earlier ».

These mechanisms have certainly played down the epidemic in the past. In order to achieve the desired shock effect, the concrete effects of an epidemic on human society must be clarified:

1) Many seriously ill people are brought to the hospital by their relatives, but rejected, and die at home in agony for air. Choking or not getting enough air is a primal fear for everyone. The situation in which there is nothing you can do to help family members who are in danger of death is also the case. The pictures from Italy are disturbing.

2) “Children will hardly suffer from the epidemic”: Wrong. Children will get infected easily, even with exit restrictions, e.g. with the neighboring children. If they then infect their parents and one of them dies painfully at home and they feel that they are to blame because, for example, have forgotten to wash their hands after playing, is the most terrible thing a child can ever experience.

3) Consequential damage: Even if we only have reports on individual cases so far, they paint an alarming picture. Even those who seem to have healed after a mild course can apparently experience relapses at any time, which then suddenly end in death, due to a heart attack or lung failure, because the virus has found its way into the lungs or heart unnoticed. These may be isolated cases, but will always hover over those who have been infected like a sword of Damocles.

A much more common consequence is months and probably years of fatigue and reduced lung capacity, as has been reported many times by SARS survivors and is now the case with COVID-19, although the duration cannot, of course, be estimated.
In addition, historical arguments should also be used, according to the mathematical formula: 2019 = 1919 + 1929

One only has to illustrate the figures shown above with regard to the assumed mortality rate (more than 1% in the case of optimal health care, i.e. well over 3% due to congestion due to infection), compared to 2% in the case of Spanish flu, and in relation to the expected economic crisis when the containment fails, then this formula will make sense to everyone. ”(end of quote)

So that’s what it’s all about: creating a shock effect, and with considerations that can no longer be beaten in terms of wickedness and contempt for human beings.

Alone this malevolent assumption that there could be “many” empathetic psychopaths in the people who could think “unconsciously” and “admittedly”:
“This is how we get rid of the old people who are pulling our economy down”, “we are already too many on earth anyway”,
“With a little luck I inherit a little earlier”, one of the biggest post-war scandals.

If such statements can be found in an official BMI paper, then pure contempt for human beings and malicious insinuations have now officially become part of government policy.

And it knocks the bottom out of the barrel that such paper has not disappeared into the poison cupboard and that the responsible parties have not flown out of the BMI in a high arc, but that such a document is proudly officially presented on the BMI website during the BMI analyst Kohn, who pointed out the dangers of a continuation of the lockdown, was suspended from service.

Have the suspects or public service broadcasters ever publicly demanded that those responsible for such a cynical paper should be removed from their positions immediately?

The internal opinion of the BMI analyst Kohn is on the website of the Doctors for Education under the link:

https: //www.ärzte-fü
available. There it says, among other things (Quote):
! 100,000 deaths from government measures threaten
The Federal Ministry of the Interior writes on COVID-19 in the internal report KM 4 – 51000/29 # 2, as of May 7, 2020;

“In March and April, 90% of all necessary surgeries were postponed or not carried out. That means 2.5 million people were not cared for as a result of government measures. So 2.5 million patients were not operated on in March and April 2020, although this is necessary The expected death rate cannot be assessed seriously; experts’ assumptions are based on numbers between under 5,000 and up to 125,000 patients who will die / have already died as a result of the postponed surgery. ”

Basically, you can use the 9-page summary of this report as a guide to get a first overview of the m.E. only to be adequately judged under criminal law as a consequence of the arbitrarily imposed corona lockdown.

Therefore, in order to maintain clarity, I would like to refer fully to the content of this report KM 4 by BMI analyst Kohn and the “Joint press release by the external experts on the Corona paper from the Federal Ministry of the Interior” from May 11, 2020.

The fateful consequences of the lockdown were therefore well known to all responsible bodies, including the defendant, not only on the basis of this internal BMI report, but also on the basis of numerous official and unofficial publications on the various consequences of this lockdown.

Even a small selection of these publications on bankruptcies, unemployment, short-time work, suicides, increased domestic violence, loneliness of the elderly in old people’s homes, the consequences of postponed surgeries and treatments etc. would go beyond the scope of this document.

In addition, it should have long been known why the declarations of the largely non-governmental organizations or those funded by the pharmaceutical industry and associated with Bill Gates can no longer be cited as a reliable “official” source.

If a “health authority” like WHO is so heavily dependent on and controlled by those who benefit directly from the WHO recommendations in economic terms, then it is absolutely unacceptable to admit such an organization to any influence whatsoever in the health system.

Do the accused really want to say that they never faced these objections, never heard of them?

As stated above, there have long been hundreds of experts worldwide whose professional competence is persistently ignored or who do not speak up for fear of professional and private disadvantages, although they could formulate well-founded criticism.

So where is there currently a critical discourse in the public service media about whether there is any scientifically based justification for this far-reaching encroachment on the freedoms and rights of countless people and in the entire cultural and economic life, let alone a constitutional legal basis?

Why are the critical voices of renowned virologists / microbiologists / doctors etc. not recognized in the context of a public discourse – which then also takes place above all in the parliaments?

This is all the more true since it is now generally known that Sweden has not practiced a total lockdown, but the numbers there are no worse than in any other country that has practiced a lockdown.


YouTube video “Corona 26” by and with Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, available for everyone at GdA YM4

There is, however, much more that the broadcaster should not have heard of at the moment, at least not through the public media, where critics of the absurd lockdown recently came from a “journalist” who is not worth the name , have even been publicly denounced as “spinners” etc.

Issue No. 32 of the ExpressZeitung is recommended to the supposedly so hopelessly insufficiently informed public broadcaster, which everyone can download free of charge from their homepage so that they can get an overview of what is not going through the context of this corona hysteria public legal “Quality media” has been conveyed.

Doesn’t all of this mean that a four-member editorial team of a small Swiss publisher can provide a much more comprehensive and accurate explanation of the global false alarm on corona virus hysteria than the multi-billion dollar public service broadcasting service with thousands of employees, some of whom are paid by the prince, and a huge infrastructure ?

Anyone who has worked through this issue should please explain – in detail – why he still does not now assume that he has been sold as stupid by this lockdown policy and the uncritically following public service mainstream media.

Everything just “conspiracy theory”?

Mindfulness means that – even if trust in God comes first – you deal appropriately with all warnings in good time and then react appropriately to the situation, not that you ignore and ignore all warnings as “conspiracy theory” and then yourself and others deceptive security weighs.

This applies in particular to those who, on the basis of their function, have to serve the government’s mandate to protect human life.

The public is therefore entitled to be fully informed about such relationships, in particular also about the victims who have been linked to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s vaccination campaigns in recent years, in Africa and India alone.

In the past 100 years, things have happened repeatedly, of which no one could have imagined before that people (without empathy and conscience = psychopaths) could harm people.

Once you have realized that there are people without empathy and conscience who are capable of all cruelty, if this only serves the realization of their sick goals, you should no longer have a problem with believing that there are such inhumane people Plans exist like those in the above Source are described.

From the above There is therefore no single understandable or justifiable reason to torture all schoolchildren in North Rhine-Westphalia (with the exception of intended exception groups) with a mask requirement from 12.8.2020 in a way that only one thing can be achieved: severe traumatization countless children who will have unforeseeable health consequences.

If such a mask requirement comes, then we have the best chance of bringing up a generation of mentally crippled children.
Since I do not want this, I decided to file this complaint.
In this context, I would like to remind all public sector employees, especially all teachers, of their duty.

Anyone who is to be obliged to expose children to degrading and health-threatening treatment for no reason and senselessly is not only entitled to object as a person and official, but is obliged to do so.


Signature Felix Mustermann”


Link To Full_Document_Mustervorlage.fü






June 2013 – Independent

“The 44 Guantanamo Bay inmates too dangerous to release”

“The United States government has identified for the first time the several dozen inmates at the deeply troubled prison facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba whom it considers too dangerous to release but also too difficult to prosecute or ever put on trial.

The names of the men, who seem unlikely ever to regain their freedom, were released in response to a Freedom of Information request by the Miami Herald. There were 46 inmates originally put into the category of being ‘beyond prosecution’ by an inter-agency panel in 2010. Since then, two have died, one from a heart attack and another from suicide.”

Link To Full Article @ Source



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