“Civil Disobedience is Coming to PA Bars and Restaurants”

August 19, 2020 | By Leo Knepper  | Citizen’s Alliance of Pennsylvania |

“Owners of bars and restaurants across the Commonwealth are starting to throw in the towel for good. They are finding it impossible to keep their doors open under Governor Wolf’s order to operate their indoor dining at only 25 percent capacity. These business owners have no idea when they might be permitted to open up at anything close to full capacity. Those lucky enough to have outdoor dining are starting to think about what happens when the weather inevitably turns cold.

Some restaurant and bar owners are taking a different approach. They are making a decision to get back into business on their own terms. Given a choice between closing their doors for good, and running afoul of the Governor’s ever-changing dictates, some have decided the only way forward is to go their own way. Not only that, but they are also encouraging other business owners to do the same.

The strategy of opening despite the Governor’s orders is not without risk. The PA State Police have made it clear that they are willing to enforce the 25 percent capacity rules. The Liquor Control Board has done the same. And, some local governments have taken a hard line in threatening businesses with their own enforcement mechanisms.

It isn’t clear how many business owners will answer the call and start to open and operate as they see fit. Regardless of what happens in the near term with bars and restaurants, the Governor’s ability to shutter businesses with state-issued licenses at his discretion during his disaster declaration should make business owners nervous about what types of activities the state should license. Most business and occupational licenses protect existing businesses from competition and are widely applauded by the people who obtain it. Hopefully, this experience with the heavy hand of the state will make others more hesitant to invite the government into their business in the future.”


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Peggy Hall-The Healthy American🇺🇸

“Restaurant owners and other small businesses… Please come and join my business seminar on August 27 to learn how to stay “Open for Good!” Details are here:

Can you please stop adhering to these ridiculous guidelines? They are not laws! You think serving somebody on the street is safer and better than in your restaurant? What are you even thinking? There is no law that you can be fined for! Please have some gumption and stand up for what is right!”

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Governor Wolf’s decision to weaponize Cv-19 restrictions and close Pennsylvania for business, is causing devastating hardships for Pennsylvanians, and the worst economic disaster, ever.

Now he’s pursuing Federal $ handouts from Congress & FEMA.


“HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania will ask the federal government for a new round of $300 in weekly unemployment benefits under a presidential order tapping into disaster relief aid, Gov. Tom Wolf’s labor and industry secretary said Tuesday.

Labor and Industry Secretary Jerry Oleksiak told reporters the Wolf administration would prefer the U.S. Congress extend the $600-a-week unemployment supplement that expired last month, but will pursue the smaller payments from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Oleksiak said his agency was waiting for federal guidance on the application, and cautioned the payments may only last five weeks or less before the federal disaster relief aid runs out.”

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“HARRISBURG (KDKA) — Governor Tom Wolf wrote a letter to Congress yesterday, requesting that legislators extend the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program.

In the letter, Wolf criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to allow supplemental benefits through the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA).

“The president’s convoluted and temporary idea will leave families waiting weeks just to get less,” said Wolf. “This is not what the American people want or expect, and all of us deserve better.””

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“MinZhi Report China-U.S. relations have changed significantly since 2017.In terms of strategic positioning, authoritative documents such as the U.S. National Security Strategy Report clearly define China as a “strategic adversary” and a “competitor”.

In practical policy, especially since Trump took office, the United States has put full pressure on China in the fields of economy, trade, science and technology, and actively sought to delink china from the economy, humanities, education and other fields.It can be said that China-U.S. relations have undergone a qualitative change.In Washington, the voice toward China seems to have become mainstream and growing momentum.

In the face of such a reality, we need not only to be prepared, but also to deepen our understanding of the United States and prevent miscalculations and the continued deterioration of bilateral relations during this special period of dramatic changes in Sino-US relations.And in American politics, in addition to the White House and Congress, there is a class of important actors – the governors of the 50 states.Because of the federal system in the United States, the governor can ignore the White House orders, and the state has its own local government solely, the state can change or even cancel the city, county, school district and other local governments.”  

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It is not NGOs, the federal government, or state legislators.  It is these three groups working together against you, an oligarchy, that has already become YOUR government, and will continue to do so.  It is time to stop sitting back and waiting to see what will be done to us next.” Link

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