Dangers of oxygen-deficient atmospheres; Ohio State Rep Nino Vitale Shows Oxygen Levels Drop in Seconds

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“Warning: Exposure to atmospheres containing less than 10% oxygen can rapidly overcome a person and bring about unconsciousness without warning so they are incapable of helping themselves. Lack of sufficient oxygen can cause serious injury or death.”

Effects of oxygen-deficient atmospheres

“Effects of exposure to low oxygen concentrations can include giddiness, mental confusion, loss of judgment, loss of coordination, weakness, nausea, fainting, loss of consciousness and death.

The immediate effects of low oxygen environments are due to our body’s oxygen transport system. Blood absorbs oxygen from the air in our lungs to fuel the cells in our bodies. The brain is the body organ most sensitive to the lack of oxygen.

Within five seconds after inhaling only a few breaths of oxygen-free gas, there is a rapid drop in the oxygen concentration of the blood. Mental failure and coma follow a few seconds later. Symptoms or warnings are generally absent, but even if present, the loss of mental competence, weakness, loss of coordination, or fainting prevents victims from helping themselves or even summoning help. Death follows in just two to four minutes.”


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Ohio State Rep Nino Vitale Shows Oxygen Levels Drop in Seconds

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Ohio State Rep Calls For People To Stop Getting Tested; His Banned Video Shows How Mask Usage Reduces Oxygen Below Safe Levels





“WARNING: This mask should not be used for toxic or hazardous air contaminants, such as paint spray, asbestos, silica, cotton, or other toxic dusts, gases, fumes, and vapors. Replace mask if breathing becomes difficult. This mask is not to be used except as indicated. This mask does not remove the risk of contracting any disease or infection. Change immediately if contaminated with blood or other bodily fluid.”

“MASKS DON’T WORK – It says so right on the box”






The CSPOA disagreed with the forced lock down and the  suspension of our Constitution and God-given rights.
In a free society, such as America was meant to be, masks cannot be forced upon the citizens either.
Such orders have no place in America.”

“In A Free Society, Such As America Was Meant To Be, Masks Cannot Be Forced Upon The Citizens.”

“What we eat, what we wear, where we go, and who we associate with is a personal choice. The efficacy of wearing a mask is irrelevant. 
The question is whether any government official has the authority to mandate and enforce such rules.
Any attempt to do so is wrong, immoral, and unlawful.”






July 15, 2020 | Rigorous Science | 

Airborne/particle residence=very rare w/ this virus

@ColleenHuberNMD  @ZachCol58464771 –“new airborne study released this week. 10 air samples taken 2-5 meters from the beds of 44 confirmed COVID-19 patients. All air samples were NEGATIVE for COVID-19. Airborne/particle residence = very rare w/ this virus.”
Note: to be clear, just so there’s no confusion, air samples negative for SARS-CoV-2*.   Link

Air Samples Test Negative for SARS-CoV-2 in New Study of Confirmed CV-19 Patients