Dr. Andrew Wakefield warns about risks of coronavirus vaccines; 1986 The Act: What The Government Don’t Want You To Know About Mandatory Vaccines

June 24, 2020 |  LondonReal.TV |

More about 1986 The Act | Dr. Andrew Wakefield – Government Secrets About Mandatory Vaccines

Creator Of 1986 The Act

“Dr. Andrew Wakefield MB.BS., is an academic gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London in 1981.

He qualified as Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1985 and trained as a gastrointestinal surgeon with a particular interest in inflammatory bowel disease.

He was awarded a Wellcome Trust Traveling Fellowship to study small-intestinal transplantation in Toronto. He was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in the U.K. in 2001. Wakefield has published over 140 original scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters.”

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“In 1986, pharmaceutical companies extorted the US Congress into giving it the best business model in the world: no lawsuits for vaccine products that are mandated by law to be injected into children — products that have never been properly tested for safety. Vaccines that are currently being rushed-to-market for COVID-19 require even less rigorous testing of their capacity to cause harm.”  Link




August 10, 2020 | Health Ranger Report | 1986: The Act |

Dr. Andrew Wakefield warns about risks of coronavirus vaccines

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