First 100 Days

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This is Jolie Diane. As the election circus rolls into town again, many of us recognize the overwhelming negative influence that the media is having on emotions, physical well being and the population’s ability to critically analyze the historical parallels and the significance of what is going on.
As we have seen, the political establishment and the media have once again thrown the public under the bus, using fear driven covid-19 marketing to essentially promote medical martial law.
Facts have emerged establishing that cornavirus19 is less dangerous than the flu especially in people under the age of 45 and even more disturbingly, that the virus itself has never even been isolated in a lab. Legitimate questions regarding the organizing and financing of this event require much closer public scrutiny.
Here are some actions that my administration will take to correct corruption: First and foremost, America will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS. The planners of the lockdown must be held responsible and financially accountable. There must be an immediate independent investigation into public elected officials who are collaborating with Bill Gates, George Soros, Rockerfeller, Carnegie, etc., undermining our political process and governance systems.
Federal leadership and each Governor who bailed on their Oath to follow instead UN World Health Organization protocol and created this covid debt will also be investigated as they are responsible for lost wages, lost future income, and the ruin of families and small businesses by their unconstitutional decisions to shut down the economy. They are financially responsible.
Additionally any groups that are promoting violence, extremism and hatred will be shut down, bank accounts frozen and liquidated to pay for damages in communities already devastated by the coronavirus economic disaster. Destroying public property and viciously attacking others based on self-proclaimed hostile ideology is criminal behavior and will not be tolerated.
The People need to start getting on with their lives, free from abuse, government intrusion and medical martial law, free from economic assault created by corrupt policymaking and free from involuntary exposure to hazardous pollution from infrastructures that are devastating the environment and collective health and well being.
My First-100-Day plan will aggressively tackle systemic corruption by auditing and seriously investigating industrial polluters and alphabet agencies. As President I will shift policy by investing in Public Trusts in all 50 states and in small businesses especially farming. The much needed upgrades to infrastructures like water, roads, and the internet will happen immediately thereby creating jobs with purpose.
The gold at Fort Knox and other locations will undergo an extensive audit. I will calibrate the USdollar to its Constitutional equivalent of a weight of gold and silver while encouraging competing currencies. North Dakota sets a very good example as decentralization that’s possible for all USA states to cut ties with the federal reserve system.
Meanwhile, The Federal Reserve will immediately decouple from the US Treasury. This partnership in formerly separate financial aspects of our government taken by President Trump in the 2020 CARES Act is arguably unconstitutional and benefits Wall Street under the auspices of assisting Main Street.
I am looking forward to building bridges and lightning fast and secure communications while protecting our borders and atmosphere from assault from all enemies both foreign and domestic. We can do this! If you live in DC, Alabama, Mississippi, Oregon, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire,Vermont, or Iowa, then you can write me in for President in 2020!