“Flipping the COVID Switch–How to take our life back”

August 26, 2020 | By Omar S. Khan | |

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“There is only one way out and forward, from the mad, compounding meltdown fostered by our manic over-reaction to COVID-19. And to understand “this solution” which is an adaptive solution, not a technical one, we have to face squarely some rather unflinching realities. The infection rate, the death rate, the effectiveness of tests, together already render the crisis essentially incomprehensible.  Source

How To End the World

Towards Flipping the Switch

Why Will Next Year Be Any Different?

The Swedish ‘Switch’

“Mandatory lockdown was a waste of time. Sweden had a long-established plan for a pandemic and was going to stick to it. People should be sensible, wash their hands, avoid public transport and keep a safe distance, but that’s it.

Closing schools was ‘meaningless.’ Shutting borders was ‘ridiculous.’ Masks were, by and large, a waste of time. Shops and restaurants should stay open.”

Once More Into the Testing Fray

So Now What?


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