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“1) The Federal Reserve is not a government entity. It is a private central bank controlled by wealthy bankers who own and control the Federal Reserve and its member banks. (Note the dollar bill says “Federal Reserve Note: Not US Treasury note)

2) Over 98 percent of our money is not created by our government, but rather by the private Federal Reserve and commercial banks.

3) The Fed was created in 1913 by an act of Congress under the deception that it would solve our nation’s economic problems.

4) The Federal Reserve Act enabled a small group of bankers to become so wealthy they were able to buy up virtually every major corporation in America. Among these entities include the mainstream media and the most popular social media sites. The news media and the entertainment industry serve as their mouthpieces to dupe the American people.

5) Many of those who own and control our banking system, as well as the big corporations that have grown up around them, graduated from leading universities, and have brilliant but devious minds. (They call themselves The Super Elites and we refer to them as such).

Yale University

6) Nearly all of our money is created as debt, which means the government must borrow and pay compounded interest to banks for expenditures that are beyond generated tax revenue. We call this The National Debt. Article 1 Section 8 of our Constitution grants Congress the power to create our money debt-free. Therefore, our government actually has little need to borrow. Thus, our national debt is actually a scam paid for by US taxpayers. This has allowed a small group of bankers to become filthy rich.

7) Today, the national debt is so out of control that the Federal Government cannot meet its short-term interest obligations unless interest rates are kept near zero. Our Government is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and the Federal Reserve, our president, and the mainstream media never discuss this.

8) The Super Elites comprise about one ten-thousandth of the world population. They are afraid of too many of us waking up to their scams because we greatly outnumber them.

9) The mainstream media not only lie about nearly everything they report, but they also purposely hide the truth from us so the bankers and their corporate partners don’t end up in jail.

10) The Super Elites are planning to steal all of our remaining wealth. Furthermore, they have implemented a hidden plan to drastically reduce the world’s population through PANDEMICS that will collapse the middle class and by other means.

11) The Super Elites created and control the United Nations.

12) The Super Elites have controlled the actions of every president since Woodrow Wilson. Since the mid-1970s, they have done this through the Trilateral Commission.

13) The Super Elites control most members of Congress and the high courts through bribes and blackmail.

14) The Super Elites were responsible for 9/11. Through our intelligence agencies, they created Al Qaeda and ISIS. Their purpose was to establish an endless war against a hard-to-define enemy and pass legislation intended to destroy our freedoms. And they don’t care how many people die in the process.

15) The Super Elites are ruining our educational system and destroying the family unit through their political correctness scam that promotes promiscuity, divorce, homosexuality and sex change. They are also financially supporting Marxist organizations that want to destroy Western society by creating great unrest. They target young children, as well as adults.

16) The Super Elites blame the need to reduce the global population on global warming.

17) “The global warming solution” was introduced at the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil hosted by a Super Elite oilman from Canada. This event was created by the central bankers and big oil companies. The Super Elites are responsible for the world’s pollution problems.

18) At this summit held in Brazil, the central bankers introduced UN Agenda 21 (The Plan for the 21st Century). 178 heads of state signed onto this agreement including our then president.

19) The purpose of UN Agenda 21 is to restructure society, strip our wealth, remove the boundaries of nations, formulate regional areas that will be ruled by unelected officials, terminate the existence of elected government, and establish a world central government. This ruling body will operate as a collective technocracy. Should they succeed, individuals will have no rights, only privileges granted to those who behave politically correct. Their focus will be to overwhelm us with taxes — not to clean the environment.

20) Over 100 years ago, Nicola Tesla uncovered a nearly unlimited energy source that could provide clean, virtually free energy to the world. A Super Elite banker put a stop to Tesla’s research, had his lab destroyed, and bankrupted him. The Super Elites continue to stop attempts by scientists to develop this energy.

21) The Super Elites are using geoengineering and weather modification to change weather patterns and create massive fires. Observe the skies overhead on virtually any given day and you will see their spraying. Contrails disappear in minutes. These trails, loaded with dangerous chemicals, remain in the sky for hours and spread out.

22) The Super Elites are slowly ruining our health and reducing the world’s population by substituting healthy organic foods with GMOs and chemicals, placing dangerous substances in our water supply, including toxins in vaccines, and polluting the air with deadly electromagnetic frequency radiation.

23) The Super Elites call their endgame the New Economic World Order. To implement this agenda, they needed to cause nearly everyone to become addicted to cell phones and get 5G up and running.

24) 5G is being passed off as the key to faster Internet and conveniences… many of which are beyond our wildest dreams and are promoted that way to entice everyone.

25) 5G, as well as 4G, poses several health risks. Studies conducted by our military on the health effects of electromagnetic frequency radiation have revealed serious dangers to all of us. These include infertility, damage to DNA and our immune systems, vulnerability to pandemics, and huge increases in cancer rates. The number of new towers being installed, which also run 4G, place us all in great peril.

26) 5G is military-grade technology. It can transmit frequencies capable of instantly killing a targeted individual within a large crowd, or murdering an entire crowd leaving no trace of the source. They can do this by causing instant heart attacks or strokes. 5G may be contributing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

27) 5G is the key to a world totally controlled by The Super Elites through the smart grid, real-time surveillance, and the Internet of things.

28) Covid-19’s purpose is to crash the economy, destroy the middle class, greatly reduce the population and create a great reset that will give the Super Elites much more power and control over everyone. They will try to force all of us to take vaccines, which will include substances that will destroy our health, shorten our lifespans, and create infertility. The means by which they will likely achieve this will be much like what the Super Elites instituted in China… penalties for people who refuse the edicts of government. Those refusing the vaccine will probably find they will not be able to go to any public places or use any form of public transportation. These people will be ostracized from society as selfish citizens and, perhaps, even criminals.

29) Once they crash the economy, they will pose the solution… a cashless, electronic monetary system. 5G will enable the Super Elites to implement social crediting, which will force everyone to obey the edicts of government. Individuals who disobey “their masters” will lose social credit points and risk being ostracized by society or worse. The result will be all of us living in a high-tech prison with no escape. Their plan is to transform society and have most of their agenda in place by 2030.

30) The entire system will be run by artificial intelligence. Technology will be used to alter the thoughts of those of us who survive to create a completely brainwashed slave society similar to what was envisioned decades ago in Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World. Huxley was a member of a British elite secret organization called the Fabian Society. The term Super Elites use for this metamorphosis is Transhumanism. Should they succeed, this will be a dream come true for the Super Elites and the ultimate nightmare for humanity.

Mainstream media newscasters are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year or more to lie and hide these truths. They will try to discredit us by calling us “conspiracy theorists.” It was a Super Elites’ intelligence agency, however, that first popularized the term conspiracy theorist to degrade truth seekers so the public would continue to believe their lies and ignore those revealing truths.”

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