Louisiana: “Lafayette mayor-president rejects parish wide mask requirement”

July 7, 2020 | 

“Requiring everyone in the parish to wear a mask is not justified”

“Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory said Tuesday he will not infringe on the public’s liberties by requiring residents to wear masks or face coverings in the public to slow the spread of coronavirus.

City Councilman Glenn Lazard asked Guillory at Tuesday’s council meeting to consider an executive order requiring residents to wear masks when outdoors since COVID-19 is increasing in Lafayette Parish, especially in recent weeks among younger people ages 18-29.

People visiting businesses in New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, the city of Kenner and, most recently Shreveport, are required to wear masks.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Lazard said. “I endorse it and I would strongly recommend you consider passing an executive order. I think it’s something that’s long past due.”

City Councilwoman Nanette Cook agreed with Lazard. 

“I’m not sure the mask is going to get rid of the COVID in the community,” Cook said. “But it adds an extra layer of protection.”

Guillory rejected the idea saying he appreciates “the rally cry,” but “with freedom comes risk.”

Every time he institutes an executive order such as limiting gatherings to under 200 people and curfews for unaccompanied minors, Guillory said, “I am infringing on your liberties.”

Requiring everyone in the parish to wear a mask is not justified, he said.”

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