California: Palo Alto Retirement Home Residents Fight To Remove 4G, 5G Cell Towers

September 2, 2020 | By Len Kiese  | KPIX5 CBS SFBayArea |

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“PALO ALTO (KPIX 5) — Wireless carriers are aggressively expanding their 5G networks. But there are still no studies about how safe the technology is. It’s an issue that has divided communities across the Bay Area.

One case in point: Palo Alto. Residents fought long and hard to slow the spread of wireless antennas in their neighborhoods. The city finally released a new wireless ordinance that steers 5G cell towers away from residential areas and bans them within 600 feet of schools. For everyone else, it’s 20 feet, including homes for seniors.

“I think it’s outrageous, how they have behaved,” said Chris Robell, whose parents live at the Channing House retirement home. Robell first noticed a small 5G cell tower right next to Channing House last spring.

When Robell asked about it, he says an employee with AT&T, which owns the 5G installation, told him: “If you’re worried about the small cell node, you ought to be a lot more worried about the macro cell tower on the roof at Channing House.”

It turns out Channing House, home to some of the most prominent retirees in Palo Alto, is also home to a 4G macro wireless cell tower on the roof, installed back in 2006.

“My parents and other residents had never had this disclosed to them, ever,” said Robell.”


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Note: The idea that there are no studies proving 5G is harmful is completely FALSE!


There are tens of thousands of studies regarding bio-effects of RadioFrequency Microwave Radiation ( RF/MWR ) documenting harms from ( RF/MWR ) exposure at thousands of times lower than the meaningless “guidelines.”  Link To Scientific Research 


5G is an advertising slogan and marketing term.

The “product” we call “4G–5G” is pulsed-RadioFrequency Microwave Radiation, RF/MWR ) known to be hazardous, and in fact ( RF/MWR ) is utilized as weaponry by many military organizations.



The Advanced Denial System (ADS) is a focused beam of electromagnetic radiation that heats human skin painfully in order to disperse targeted individuals. The Solid State Active Denial Technology (SS-ADT) is a mobile system being developed by the U.S. Army to be deployed on vehicles.  Link To Video





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The human skin as a sub-THz receiver – Does 5G pose a danger to it or not?

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