Colorado: “Another recall petition launched against Gov. Jared Polis”

September 15, 2020 | Marianne Goodland (Colorado Politics)  | | source


“DENVER, Colorado — Second verse, not quite the same as the first.

Barely a year after an effort to recall Gov. Jared Polis fell woefully short of its 631,266-signature goal, some of the same folks are at it again.

A petition to recall the governor was filed on Monday, and as first reported by The Colorado Sun, this time, it’s over his use of executive authority.

The recall petition filed with the Secretary of State’s office cited the following reasons for the recall:

  • Polis “abused his emergency power by exceeding the scope of his powers under Colorado’s Disaster Emergency Act by issuing a Disaster Declaration through executive order as a vehicle to legitimize confining residents to their homes, forbidding travel, closing businesses and mandating wearing of masks thereby depriving citizens of liberty and property without due process of law.”
  • Polis spent $1.6 billion in CARES Act funds without consultation with the General Assembly
  • Polis issued an executive order to allow petition signatures to be collected online. The Colorado Supreme Court threw out the order on July 1.
  • Through his “Stay at Home” executive order on March 25, Polis “explicitly discriminated against houses of worship” and violated the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion clause.”


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