FDA Nears Approval of Injectable Biochip Implants for COVID Detection, Linked to Computers

August 30, 2020 | by Weaver |

Backed by funding from Defense Department, and Bill Gates

“The Department of Defense, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, have partnered with a Silicon Valley company, Profusa, to implement a technology which could control our minds and bodies. What may seem like science fiction, is in fact happening in real-time.

A permanent chip made of an advanced material called hydrogel irreversibly ties humans to the Internet “cloud.” The chip, about the size of a grain of rice, provides feedback to a database on changes in body chemistry and other biometrics. The company says technology will be used to detect COVID in the general population, before symptoms show.

The latest revised CDC overall survival rate for the COVID virus is 99.8%, versus 99.9% for the common flu. Nevertheless, nearly 150 days after governments proclaimed that 15 days of “lockdowns” and social distancing would be necessary to “flatten the curve” so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed, US governors still exert emergency powers based on the announcement of “new cases.”

A defense industry website Defense One reports that the chip implant could win FDA approval by early 2021:

“Profusa, says the sensor is on track to try for FDA approval by early next year.”

The industry magazine writes effusively:

“Why are pandemics so hard to stop? Often it’s because the disease moves faster than people can be tested for it. The Defense Department is helping to fund a new study to determine whether an under-the-skin biosensor can help trackers keep up — by detecting flu-like infections even before their symptoms begin to show.”

The hydrogel chip, which is injected with a syringe, could be injected along with any COVID vaccination. Mandatory vaccination would be the key to any widespread deployment of the project.

Along with with the advent of in-body nanotechnology, and sensors which tie the human body to an artificial intelligence platform, the possibilities for misuse by totalitarian governments has not been lost on technology watchdogs. With advanced biosensors, artificial intelligence may be able to read the subject’s every mood and activity, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, even sexual activity.

Technology critic Adam Keiper write in The New Atlantis: 

“Nanotechnology could theoretically be used to make mind-control systems, invisible and mobile eavesdropping devices, or unimaginably horrific tools of torture.”

DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which is an arm of the Department of Defense, partnered with Profusa, an Emoryville, CA-based biotech company, to develop the technology in 2011. 2011 is the same year that Occupy Wall Street sprang into being.

Profusa Press Release from March 19, 2018 states:

“today scientists are presenting results showing tiny biosensors that become one with the body…and stream data to a mobile phone and to the cloud….tiny biosensors composed of a tissue-like hydrogel, similar to a soft contact lens, that are painlessly placed under the skin with a single injection.

Biooptics World, an industry magazine, describe Profusa sensors as “Injectable biosensors that become one with the body’s tissue”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant is described as “Implantable multi-analyte sensors for the continuous monitoring of body chemistries”

Profusa’s chairman and CEO is Ben Hwang, Ph.D.

Development of In-Body Nanotechnology Which Could Be Combined with Biochips

One of Profusa’s principle investors, according to a company profile, is the US Army Research Office.

At the same time in-body hydrogel technology is being developed, in-body nanoparticle technology is being developed as well.

The Department of Defense makes no attempt to hide its desire to use nanotechnology to develop “super-soldiers” who do not need to sleep, have heightened sense awareness, and other “battlefield” advantages, regardless of long-term side effects to health. In the past, the health of soldiers has seemed an afterthought to a military establishment which has exposed its soldiers to Agent Orange, and experimental Gulf War vaccinations against biological agents.

A widely deployed mass surveillance platform would require enormously increased bandwidth in cellphone and wifi networks. Some say this is one reason governments are driving so hard replace current networks with 5G.

Image from website for Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies of the US Army Research Office SOURCE

Profusa is also working on research with Imperial College, another benefactor of Gates largess in the area of vaccinations. Imperial College is the institution from which sprang the ill-fated study by Professor Neil Ferguson which predicted over 2.2 million dead in the US without social distancing. Prof. Ferguson has been roundly discredited as wrong on all counts.

Doctor and Technology Experts Warn of Dark Future for Mankind

The DARPA/Profusa acknowledgment that the technology will be approved by the FDA takes place as a medical doctor, Dr. Carrie Madej, warns humanity against coming plans by elites for the masses.

In a viral video presentation, Dr. Madej paints a dark future in which the masses of people around the world are controlled by a horrific system of government-run artificial intelligence which delivers rewards and punishments through the permanent implants. Nanotechnology even makes it possible to inject into people an artificial intelligence-activated “kill switch,” such as particles containing cyanide.

Independent journalist Whitney Webb wrote at length on the threat in the landmark article Coronavirus Gives A Dangerous Boost To DARPA’s Darkest Agenda.” “


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