Let US Remember: It’s not just about WHO votes, it’s about who COUNTS the votes.

As the blind emotion of partisan politics and propaganda escalates into full swing for the 2020 election, it’s important for Americans to keep in mind that it’s not just about WHO votes, it’s about who COUNTS the votes.

Americans from all backgrounds and parties must be actively involved in their local precincts to provide the essential critical public oversight to COUNTING votes.

Between the deliberate disenfranchisement of  black voters, to the vulnerability of digital voting machines like Diebold being easily hacked, and the fact that votes get counted outside of our own states, American citizen oversight and involvement in the voting process is needed now, more than ever to provide honesty and integrity in the 2020 election.    -JD


“Most Rigged, Fraudulent, And Corrupt U.S. Elections In History”

June 12, 2018 | By John Misachi | source

“In the United States, Presidential, Congressional, state-level, and municipal elections alike have often been characterized by fears that a candidate would steal votes or that they would otherwise be rigged. Accusations of stolen or rigged elections have been common in the history of the country, some candidates have accused their opponents of cheating them out of the U.S. Presidency, such as in the case of Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson in 1800. Throughout the 19th Century, almost every candidate claimed that electoral fraud was committed. However, sometimes the accuser was right because the electoral process is never fraud-proof. Some of the most controversial presidential and state level elections in the history of the United States of America are looked at herein.”
“1. U.S. Presidential Election of 2000

The US Presidential Election of 2000, the country’s 54th, was held on November 7th, 200o. The contest was between Republican’s George W Bush and the incumbent vice president and the Democratic candidate Al Gore. The campaigns focused on the domestic issues including tax, reforms, budget, and social insurance reforms. The outcome of the 2000 election was the closest presidential election in the history of the country. The election results were pegged on Florida with the margin of victory triggering a recount. Litigation in some counties also started further recounts, with the US Supreme Court awarding the Florida vote to George W Bush granting him victory. However, further studies have given conflicting opinion on the legitimate winner of the Florida votes since the recount was not allowed to proceed by the Supreme Court. Al Gore also blamed his failure to win the presidency on the sex scandal on the then-President Bill Clinton as having affected the ratings of their Democratic Party.”

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American Blackout – Stolen Election –  Running for President – February 3, 2008

 “Cynthia McKinney talks about “9/11″ (Sept. 11 2001), Stolen Elections, Diebold voting machines, why she’s running for President as a Green Party candidate despite her treatment in political circles and by the media, speaking about how Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were also treated, Palestine/Israel challenges, participating in her campaign.” Link

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