“Media Silence: Israel Has Been Bombing Lebanon, Gaza & Syria This Week”

September 3, 2020 | BY Robert Inlakesh |    |


“Israel has been relentlessly shelling and bombing all over the Middle East this week, savagely hitting Lebanon, Gaza and Syria.

As independent journalist Robert Inlakesh reports, you would never know it from the media silence:


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Armed Conflict in Syria: Overview and U.S. Response

“Since 2015, U.S. forces deployed to Syria have trained, equipped, and advised local partners under special authorization from Congress and have worked primarily “by, with, and through” those local partners to retake nearly all areas formerly held by the Islamic State. As of July 2020, about 600 U.S. troops remain in Syria, where they continue to support local partner force operations against Islamic State remnants.”

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“The United States and a range of regional and European states have at times backed select portions of the Syrian opposition, while also expressing concern about reported ties between some armed opposition groups and extremist elements. Israel has acknowledged conducting over 200 military strikes in Syria, mostly targeting Hezbollah and/or Iranian targets.”

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