Ohio Lawsuit v. Gov. DeWine Re: COVID-19 Mandates, lawsuit claims the shutdowns and restrictions are unconstitutional

September 1, 2020 | By:   | WOUB Public Media |

“Lawsuit Filed Against Gov. DeWine’s COVID-19 Mandates” 

“COLUMBUS, Ohio (Statehouse) — Ohio is being sued by an attorney who says the state’s response to COVID-19 is tyranny in action.

Robert Gargasz wants Gov. Mike Dewine to remove the state of emergency that’s been in place since March – and he’s hoping the lawsuit he filed in federal court will quicken the pace.”

“Gargasz says Governor DeWine and former Health Director Amy Acton intentionally misled and terrified the public causing businesses to lose a trillion dollars in economic activity. The lawsuit claims the shutdowns and restrictions are unconstitutional.”

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