Tennessee: Gov. Lee Sued Over Executive Orders

August 24, 2020 | News4 Nashville |

“Group alleges Gov. Lee exceeds authority with executive orders in lawsuit”


“NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – An organization has filed a lawsuit in Davidson County Chancery Court alleging that Gov. Bill Lee has exceeded his authority by issuing executive orders and delegating authority to county mayors, according to a lawsuit filed on Monday.

The group called “Tennessee Stands” filed the lawsuit, which takes issue with the governor’s executive orders that granted individual counties the power to issue their own mandates on things like masks and schools.

In March, Gov. Lee began issuing executive orders under the authority of the state’s emergency powers statute.

“Since then, the Governor has issued executive orders purporting to have the force of law carrying civil penalties and has delegated authority to county executives to issue mandates in their respective counties, all of which is unconstitutional according to the Tennessee Constitution,” said Gary Humble, founder and president of Citizens for Limited Government and Constitutional Integrity, Inc., in a news release.”


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