Washington, D.C.–50,000 Americans Gather at the Nation’s Capital In Prayer

September 26, 2020 | by:  | 

“Wheeling locals join over 50,000 others in Nation’s Prayer March”


“WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTRF) — In response to the current tension seen throughout America, over an estimated 50,000 people or more joined together Saturday at the Nation’s Capital in prayer… Not for a certain candidate to win come November, attendees say, but for the nation itself.

Prayers rang throughout the National Mall for the elected representatives in the U.S., (both Democrats and Republicans) asking for God’s help in discernment and protection.

Led by renown Evangelist Franklin Graham, the 2-mile walk started at the Lincoln Memorial and ended around 2:30 PM at the U.S. Capitol. Pauses were taken to pray at the WWII Memorial, Washington Memorial and Archives along the way.

Among those in attendance, Vice President Mike Pence made an appearance and so did many other White House officials.

The footage you see was taken by Wheeling locals, John and Linda Grindley, who attended Saturday’s march saying the walk was both, “peaceful and awesome” and a powerful way to “bring us (as a country) together.”


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