Wisconsin Governor Sued by Poll Worker Fired for Not Wearing Mask

September 22, 2020 | The Cameroon Today | source

‘Poll worker firing for not wearing a mask sues Wisconsin governor”

“A Wisconsin man is suing a LaCrosse city clerk and Gov. Tony EversTony EversCoronavirus lockdowns work Cast of ‘Parks and Rec’ reunite for virtual town hall to address Wisconsin voters At indoor rally, Pence says election runs through Wisconsin MORE (D) after he was dismissed from a paid poll worker position for refusing to wear a mask at a voting precinct, citing a medical condition.

The LaCrosse Tribune reported Tuesday that Nicholas Newmann is suing Clerk Teri Lehrke as well as Evers over his Aug. 11 dismissal, which his lawyers wrote in court documents came as a result of Lehrke enforcing Ever’s statewide mask mandate which his lawyers argue is unconstitutional.

“The American system of government contains three branches, not one. For those who might say the governor must do ‘something,’ the founders divided power for a reason: They had left behind a king’s rule. Power is divided on purpose so that it cannot be exercised so easily,” Newmann’s lawyer told the Tribune in a statement regarding the lawsuit.

Conservatives in many states have fought back against mask mandates, arguing that governors do not have the authority to issue such orders.”

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