2016–Senior DARPA Scientist Warns of Widespread LETHAL ATTACKS Upon the Public Coming From Microwave Towers

July 17, 2016 | TARGETED JUSTICE | Source |

“Former DARPA Senior Scientist, Dr. Paul Batcho, asserts that cell phone towers pose an intentional and immediate lethal threat against the general public of the United States.

Batcho states that  – they are purposely engaging in “acts of terrorism” against the general public through emission of dangerous frequencies from cell phone and microwave towers.”


———————-Relevant Email Communications on the Terrorist Threat


“I am a Ph.D. from Princeton University and a former scientist from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico where I worked within nuclear weapon research teams. I held a Q clearance (top secret equivalent of DoD).  I have also worked on DARPA research projects as a senior scientist.

There is a technology  transmitting RF signals and communications at the human brain resonant frequency bands, and it is targeting individuals and groups.

These transmissions will cause harmful health affects in the form of enhanced microwave radiation illness. It is imperative that these frequency bands be measured and verified by an official source. These frequency bands do not exist naturally, and there is a technology targeting individuals.

Cellular transmission’s broadcast at 853 MHz, human brain resonance is centered around 450Mhz,  and Ham radio operators are not allowed to broadcast at the 400Mhz to 700Mhz band. I would suggest a filtering at the 400Mhz to 700Mhz band on all microwave and cellular transmissions, digital filters should suffice in the near term. Civilians are being harmed by the deliberate transmissions of an established technology.
The verified measurement and existence of these RF band transmissions constitutes a terrorist act. Please advise the appropriate security office on Homeland security. This is a serious matter that needs immediate attention and  it must be addressed. Please feel free to contact me.
I would be happy the discuss it.Thank you

Paul F.  Batcho, Ph.D.
St Petersburg, FL”

ATTN: DARPA Security & Intelligence

“Dears Sirs,

I would like to bring to your attention that a technology derived from the patents listed below is being used in
an illegal manner over the cellular and microwave towers in St Petersburg/Tampa/Orlando FL.

Please bring this matter to the attention of the security office and appropriate contract monitor for the technology
mention within. The technology is clearly being used by a non US government group with lethal intentions
on civilians.

I forwarded previous emails on my understanding of the technology. I believe this matter needs serious
and immediate attention.


Paul F. Batcho, Ph.D.
St Petersburg, FL 33701″
1992 and 1994 patents funded by DARPA,
US Patent # 5,123,844. June 23rd, 1992
US Patent # 5,289,438. February 22nd, 1994


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Sample call:  “As a constituent I want to be clear that I do not consent to environmental contamination from 4G-5G wireless radiation networks. I do not consent to microwave radiation (4G-5G) exposure, experimentation, or surveillance from cell towers, “smart” infrastructures, close proximity microwave radiation antennas (CPMRA) or microwave radiation-transmitting platforms in space.

Please provide a detailed response in writing, regarding what actions the Senator[or Representative] is taking NOW to IMMEDIATELY CEASE & DESIST military deployment and experimentation of microwave irradiating systems (4G-5G) on the ground and microwave radiation (5G) transmissions from satellites in space. Thank you.”



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Weather warfare, Directed Energy Weapons, ( NOT climate change) may very well be the cause of recent California, Oregon,, and Washington fires

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10,800 Lighting Strikes Spark Hundreds of Fires In California

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*OBSERVE: Lightning Interaction in Cloud Cover*

“What does it look like when 10,800 lightning strikes spark 367 fires in the Bay Area and beyond?

This video, compiled from more than 400 satellite images from late Saturday through Thursday morning, is the answer — a fascinating view of California’s latest wildfire infernos from miles high in the sky.

The weekend’s freak lightning storms were only the ignition. Over the next 72 hours, hundreds of fires — some of them smoldering trees deep in the forest known as “sleepers” — exploded across Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties.

The time-lapse video compiles three separate sets of satellite imagery taken at 30-minute intervals, downloaded using the SLIDER tool from the Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch (RAMMB) and the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere at Colorado State University.

The first layer shows lightning, flashes of bright light scattered over the first 36 hours. The fires begin to show up in the hours after the storms in the “natural fire color” view. Then, you can see smoke from the fires overtake the Bay Area on Wednesday with the classic satellite “natural color” view.

Sped up, in just one minute, watch how lightning progressed to fires and then to smoke.”  Link To Source