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October 15, 2020 | Campaign For Liberty | LINK TO SIGN |

Please contact your senators and tell them to vote against any more coronavirus bailout bills.


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“I AGREE! H.R. 666(6) is an insidious power grab that would lead to “rolling lockdowns” of businesses and individual rights.

The Senate could move to pass it through deceptive tactics in a Coronavirus bailout bill!

I won’t tolerate the destruction of small businesses and civil liberties in any form or fashion!” LINK TO SIGN


Link To Contact Info To Call Your Senators

Link To Contact Info To Call Your Representatives


“The on-again, off-again, on-again coronavirus bailout 2.0 seems to be back on — just in time for massive giveaways before the November election.

I wish I could say I am surprised.

As if the enormous, unprecedented spending wasn’t bad enough, what they may deceptively hide inside the bill could be horrible for liberty and create another nightmare scenario for small businesses.

I’m afraid H.R. 666(6), the insidious contact tracing, tracking, and testing bill, will be snuck in at the last minute to pass much more easily as a hidden part of the spending bill that President Trump and Republican leadership are now saying is back on the table. LINK TO SIGN

There will be dollars flying around in every direction, likely including a very hefty airline bailout . . . contingent upon the airlines playing a part in the contact tracking scheme.

And so the real losers once again will be individuals and small businesses just struggling to survive.

You can bet they’ll be subjected to more mandates, per the constantly-changing CDC “guidelines,” which have already wrecked small businesses across this country.


This is the worst type of bureaucracy because it robs us of our humanity.

>>>They’ve turned our dining experiences into a silly ritual of putting on masks at the door, only to remove them a few steps into the dining room.

>>>Children are being subjected to propaganda in their schools, focusing on the fear of a virus and forcing them to wear masks that cover their nose and mouth all day.

>>>Government has tried to convince us whose work is “essential” and whose is “not essential,” creating yet another form of class warfare.

>>>And they’re actively trying to require the proof of “immunity” to this virus in order to be allowed to travel.

Will you please sign the petition to tell your U.S. Senators you absolutely will not tolerate H.R. 666(6) in any form, including in a spending bill?

All these mandates, including tracking, tracing, and “immunity passports,” lead to more lockdowns when businesses or individuals “fail” these tests.

Even the U.N. controlled World Health Organization (WHO) made two statements this week reversing course on lockdowns because they know the lockdowns are not helping and they’re actually causing more destruction through increased poverty.

The WHO is finally admitting the lockdowns are deadly.

That’s why Congress would be foolish to try a covert means of passing H.R. 666(6). They’d just be going backwards to the hysterical responses we saw in March and April.

On Monday night in Florida, President Trump called the lockdowns “unscientific” and pointed out that in the Democrat-run states, the lockdowns are contributing to more alcoholism, depression, and suicide. . .

From all indications, he’s certainly right about those horrible effects. What he fails to mention is this is happening in the Republican-controlled areas as well. The negative impact of the lockdowns and the fear being instilled in us don’t care about party. That’s why you and I must continue to keep the pressure on all sides to avert more disasters that Congress and the bureaucracy may have in the works.

H.R. 666(6) will lead to permanent lockdowns, and I fear it will be added to a “more appealing” spending bill to ensure it passes.

Your U.S. Senators need to hear from you! Sign the petition to tell them NO to any stealth means of passing H.R. 666(6).

The wildly wrong predictions about coronavirus, the draconian and unscientific lockdowns, and many other blunders that have been made at the expense of you and me are starting to be uncovered and admitted.

It’s up to you and me to let our legislators know that enough is enough.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul, M.D.


Link To Contact Info To Call Your Senators

Link To Contact Info To Call Your Representatives


Thank you Ron Paul!!!




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