Corona Masks – Infection Prevention…Or Submission-Signaling?

May 13, 2020 | RonPaulLibertyReport |



“Ironically, as coronavirus deaths continue to decline in the US and as more states are “opening up,” there appears to be an increase in mask wearing. Are the face masks going to prevent the spread of the virus? Will they protect people from the virus? Or may they actually cause harm to some people? Or…even: are they a new form of “virtue signaling,” a show of submission to the “authorities”? Plenty of prominent MDs – including Fauci not long ago – have condemned the mass masking of America. Are they right?”

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The Great American Mask Rip-Off





Doctors Erickson and Massihi Discuss Facts and Science of CV

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BANNED VIDEO: Firefighter Tests Oxygen Levels w/ Face Covering CV-19 Masks

August 19, 2020 |     “No matter what you choose, headsock, neoprene-type, fancy mask, cheap mask, N95, the best available, none of them, allow you to breathe in the required oxygen level, which should be close to 21%…”

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