DoD 5G BILL Text; DOD floats plan to build its own 5G network

June 17, 2020 | Rep. Larsen, Senator Gallagher | 116th Congress |


“To direct the Secretary of Defense to carry out activities to develop, secure, and effectively implement fifth generation information and communications technology within the Department of Defense.”


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“The Defense Department wants to explore different ways to share spectrum frequencies reserved for military and civilian use with commercial entities, including owning and operating a 5G network.”


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Re: OPPOSE 5G experimentation and expansion

Sample call:  “As a constituent I want to be clear that I do not consent to environmental contamination from 4G-5G wireless radiation networks. I do not consent to microwave radiation (4G-5G) exposure, experimentation, or surveillance from cell towers, “smart” infrastructures, close proximity microwave radiation antennas (CPMRA) or microwave radiation-transmitting platforms in space.

Please provide a detailed response in writing, regarding what actions the Senator[or Representative] is taking NOW to IMMEDIATELY CEASE & DESIST military experimentation of microwave irradiating systems (4G-5G) on the ground and microwave radiation (5G) transmissions from satellites in space. Thank you.”