Federal judge blocks Texas governor’s order limiting mail ballot drop-off locations

October 10, 2020 | BY ADAM BREWSTER | CBSNews |

“A federal judge in Texas on Friday barred officials from enforcing Governor Greg Abbott’s order that would limit the number of mail in voting drop off boxes to one per county. Civil rights and voting rights groups sued Abbott over the order last week.

Abbott said the move was designed to “strengthen voting safety in Texas.” But Judge Robert Pitman said the directive imposed a “burden on an already vulnerable voting population that is somewhere between ‘slight’ and ‘severe.'”

“By limiting ballot return centers to one per county, older and disabled voters living in Texas’s largest and most populous counties must travel further distances to more crowded ballot return centers where they would be at an increased risk of being infected by the coronavirus in order to exercise their right to vote and have it counted,” Pitman said.”


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