Idaho: Panhandle Health Board rescinds mask mandate in Kootenai County

October 23, 2020 | By Arielle Dreher and Emma Epperly The Spokesman-Review | Excerpts Below |  Read Full Article @ Source |

“The Panhandle Health District board rescinded its mandate that people in Kootenai County wear masks in public spaces to prevent spreading the coronavirus – even as more than 100 new cases were reported Thursday and the local hospital is full.

While the intent of the mandate was to keep people safe from each other, it became widely ignored and was never enforced by the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office…”


“…The board instead voted 4-3 to end the mandate.

Health board member Glen Bailey, acknowledging that masks and distancing can help slow transmission of the virus, nevertheless introduced a motion to rescind the mandate.

“I agree we have a problem with this virus, but at the same time I object to the mandate the board passed because it restricts people’s right of choice and ability to comply or not comply under penalty of law,” Bailey said.

Bailey proposed making the mandate a recommendation instead, to eliminate the potential to make it a misdemeanor if a person violates it…”


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