Pennsylvania: Lebanon County restaurant wins lawsuit against Gov. Tom Wolf

October 18, 2020 | by Asia Tabb | Source |

Taste of Sicily, a Lebanon County restaurant has won a lawsuit against Governor Tom Wolf.

This comes after opening to full capacity back in May during the yellow phase of Governor Wolf’s restrictions.”

WHP The citation states Taste of Sicily was in violation of Governor Wolf’s COVID-19 restrictions.

“Masks and social distancing were not required at the restaurant and they didn’t have plexiglass barriers.

The restaurant’s spokesperson Mike Magnano said, “We were absolutely ecstatic. You know a lot of people said a lot of different things about Taste of Sicily. We were selfish. All we cared about was business and money and it’s like we need to make a living.”

Magnano said after being closed during the statewide shutdown, Taste of Sicily opened back up to full capacity in the yellow phase citing financial struggles.

“Seeing that again, the business needed it. The family needed it and they needed to do things to survive. They went ahead and reopened. And at that point, they had great support from the local level elected officials,” said Eric Winter, Attorney for Prince Law Offices.

Magnano’s attorney Winter said the Department of Agriculture tried to cite the restaurant for things they couldn’t lawfully cite them for. Winter adds citations have to be prosecuted by the attorney general or local district attorney.

Taste of Sicily pleaded not guilty. Judge Carl Garvey ruled the family business was unconstitutionally cited and the restaurant was found not guilty.

“The crux of the legal argument is that orders that have been issued by the Governor and The Department of Health are legally unenforceable. Judge Garvey agreed with that argument, “Winter said.

Taste of Sicily’s lawyer said they won’t have to pay any fines.”

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