Pretended Threats Used to Justify Perpetual Servitude

September 28, 2020 | By Ed Griffin | Red Pill University | Source

“James Corbett shows how pretended Global Warming and pretended Pandemics are being used as psychological weapons to frighten the public into acceptance of totalitarian government offered supposedly as the solution to those threats. He argues that the only way to prevent this from succeeding is for millions of us to rediscover our indignation and outrage to the end that, as one loud voice, we stand together and say Hell No to the agenda.”


Pretended Threats Used to Justify Perpetual Servitude

Sept 23, 2020 | The Pandemic is a Test Run | Corbett Report

“The death cult that wants to suppress humanity has issued their warning: the lockdown of the world in the name of the global scamdemic is not the end of this madness. It is only the beginning. Join James for this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch as he dissects the latest attempt to leverage the climate scam on the back of the COVID scam, and how both of these distractions are being used to indoctrinate the public into the death cult.”

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“Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a consumer protection trial lawyer in Germany and California. He is one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. In this video he is describing how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns. From the local level all the way to the WHO and many pharma companies in between. Please take a look as he is working very hard to end the insanity and make those responsible financially liable.”

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“Faulty Coronavirus kits suspected as goat and fruit test positive in Tanzania”   New York Post  Link

A goat grazes as vehicles pass in Salaam, Tanzania. Getty Images  Source


Pawpaw fruit Getty Images/iStockphoto  Source