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“Satellite communications must be part of the 5G ecosystem for it to deliver on its promises”


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China exploits fleet of U.S. satellites to strengthen police and military power

April 23, 2019 | By Brian Spegele and Kate O’Keeffe | Wall Street Journal |

“Orbiting 22,000 miles above Earth, a fleet of American-built satellites is serving the Chinese government in ways that challenge the U.S.

Nine of these satellites have been part of efforts to connect Chinese soldiers on contested outposts in the South China Sea, strengthen police forces against social unrest and make sure state messaging penetrates far and wide, according to corporate records, stock filings and interviews with executives.

A tenth satellite, under construction by Boeing Co. , would enhance China’s competitor to the U.S. Global Positioning System. Besides civilian uses, the navigation system could help China in a potential conflict, such as in guiding missiles to their targets.

U.S. law effectively prohibits American companies from exporting satellites to China, where domestic technology lags well behind America’s. But the U.S. doesn’t regulate how a satellite’s bandwidth is used once the device is in space. That has allowed China to essentially rent the capacity of U.S.-built satellites it wouldn’t be allowed to buy, a Wall Street Journal investigation found.

Tangled webs of satellite ownership and offshore firms have helped China’s government achieve its goals. Some of America’s biggest companies, including private-equity firm Carlyle Group in addition to Boeing, have indirectly facilitated China’s efforts, the Journal found.”

AsiaSat 9, the Hong Kong company’s most powerful U.S.-made satellite to date, being prepared for launch in September 2017.

“All this appears to run counter to the U.S.’s stance of confronting China’s military buildup and condemning what international watchdog groups describe as widespread human-rights abuses by China’s police. That includes in far-flung territories, where the satellites help the government beam communications. Current and former U.S. officials who reviewed the Journal’s findings called the satellite deals worrisome examples of China using U.S. commercial technology for strategic gain.

“It’s a serious ethical and moral problem as well as a national-security issue,” said Larry Wortzel , a former chairman of the bipartisan U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, a group that advises Congress.”

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Weather Warfare, Directed Energy Weapons, Lightning Strikes, (NOT climate change) May Very Well Be The Cause of the Devastating Fires






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Sample call:  “As a constituent I want to be clear that I do not consent to environmental contamination from 4G-5G wireless radiation networks. I do not consent to microwave radiation (4G-5G) exposure, experimentation, or surveillance from cell towers, “smart” infrastructures, close proximity microwave radiation antennas (CPMRA) or microwave radiation-transmitting platforms in space.

Please provide a detailed response in writing, regarding what actions the Senator[or Representative] is taking NOW to IMMEDIATELY CEASE & DESIST military experimentation of microwave irradiating systems (4G-5G) on the ground and microwave radiation (5G) transmissions from satellites in space. Thank you.”







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RESEARCH  The Geoengineering Act: 

Health & Safety legislation is vital for public oversight and regulatory prohibition of hazardous emissions, satellite systems, and wireless irradiating infrastructures. 






Atmosphere Modification Satellite US4,402,480


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National Strategy to Secure 5G; #STOP5G!








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“4. Research 4.1 Exercise leadership in coordinating U.S. efforts in international weather research priorities including the current World Meteorological Organization Grand Challenges.”  

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“The Institute for the Study of the Brain (sic) of the University of California is cited as engaged in research on the debilitating effect of weak vibrational fields on human behavior.” p.84-85



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