2014: Investigative Journalist Harry Vox warned the world about the Rockefeller pLandemic “Lock Down” scenario; German police state: Doctor arrested live on camera November 20, 2020

October 21, 2014 | Discussing Establishment’s agenda, toolkit of control: lockdowns and quarantines

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Link To Rockefeller Scenarios for the Future of Technology and Sustainable Development – LockStep P.18




Connection Between the Rockefeller Foundation, Johns Hopkins, and Gates Foundations






Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19)

February 16-24, 2020 | World Health Organization |

“The China Response & Next Steps

1. In the face of a previously unknown virus, China has rolled out perhaps the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in history. The strategy that underpinned this containment effort was initially a national approach that promoted universal temperature monitoring, masking, and hand washing.”

“Members & Method of Work

The Joint Mission consisted of 25 national and international experts from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, the United States of America and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Joint Mission was headed by Dr Bruce Aylward of WHO and Dr Wannian Liang of the People’s Republic of China. The full list of members and their affiliations is available in Annex A. The Joint Mission was implemented over a 9-day period from 16-24 February 2020. The schedule of work is available in Annex B.”


Link To Full Document_ who-china-joint-mission-on-covid-19-final-report-3




German police state: doctor arrested live on camera

Totalitarianism in Germany under “Covid” – Dr. Andreas Noack arrested when a Swat team breaks into his home – November 20, 2020


A German doctor and prominent online anti-lockdown activist faced an excessive arrest as police barged into his house during a YouTube live he was streaming from his residence.

The arrest appeared like it hit Dr. Andreas Noack out of the blue as he was too shocked to even respond. The whole scene itself, which was captured during the live streaming, shocked viewers that were already concerned about the recent decimation of civil liberties as Dr. Noack had to lay on the ground while the police were continuously yelling at him.

Reports state that the reasons for Dr. Noack’s arrest seem unclear and not officially stated. That being said, it is worth noting that the arrest took place right after the “Infection Protection Law” was passed amidst a huge public pushback against it. Dr. Noack was also notorious in the government’s eyes as he was offering medical treatment to anti-lock down protestors who were injured during protests.

The “Infection Protection Law,” simply put, allows the German government to take decisions that restrict personal freedom and fundamental rights that the country’s very own constitution offers.

The German government, until the law’s passing, primarily relied on decrees to control its citizens and enforce lockdowns. But after intense backlash, calling the method of relying on decrees unconstitutional, the Infection Protection Law was made to come into play.

This law allows the government to even go to the lengths of restricting people who are either infected or are suspected to be infected from practicing certain professions. What’s more, the law also helps the government impose more curfews and lockdowns across the country.

Over time, lockdowns have negatively impacted the livelihoods of many, because of which there has been a steadily growing anti-lockdown sentiment across Germany, particularly online. This explains the intense pushback against the law and numerous anti-lockdown protests which the country’s government is trying to vehemently suppress.

Dr. Andreas Noack was a prominent critic of the law and lockdowns, creating much content about the issue online.

Based on what little information we could officially obtain about the arrest, it was found that Dr. Noack was being investigated for being “non-compliant with the COVID-19 lockdown laws enacted by the German government.


German Dr Andreas Noack Killed After Posting Video on How Graphene Hydroxide Nano-razors Destroy Body



1. Coronavirus Patent _ US10130701B2 – PCT Filed: Jul.23,2015

2. PCR Test Patent_US Patent 2020279585_ Submitted October 13, 2015

3. National Review: The Constitution Isn’t Suspended Because of CV

4. 2003 Science Daily- Discovery of Coronavirus — UN-WHO-Collaboration

“The successful identification of the coronavirus means that scientists can now confidently turn to other SARS challenges…collaborationcontinues as top laboratory researchers have come to WHO to design the next steps, a strategy for transforming these basic research discoveries into diagnostic tools which will help us to successfully control this disease”

Two laboratories in China recently joined this network of laboratories from Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.”


5. Report of the UN WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 — The China Response & Next Steps

“In the face of a previously unknown virus, China has rolled out perhaps the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in history. The strategy that underpinned this containment effort was initially a national approach that promoted universal temperature monitoring, masking, and hand washing.”

6. China Daily US Governors promote PCR tests

7. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Speech

February 8, 2020 

“US Sent nearly 18 Tons of medical suppliesthe US flew to China to “help fight the coronavirus” + $100 million dollars in assistance to China and the countries that are affected by that virus

“China has been methodical in assessing our system of government , assessed our vulnerabilities, and it’s decided to exploit our freedoms to gain advantage over us at the federal level, the state level and the local level.”  Link to video


(A) China Think Tank Rates All 50 US governors- Article


(B)  China Thinktank Document PDF

Translated from Chinese:

“…in American politics, in addition to the White House and Congress, there is a class of important actors – the governors of the 50 states. Because of the federal system in the United States, the governor can ignore the White House orders, and the state has its own local government solely, the state can change or even cancel the city, county, school district and other local governments.”


8. Short Course on Communist Takeover of U.S.

G. Edward Griffin’s 1984 interview with KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who explains the four stages of communist strategy for taking over the U.S. from within utilizing media propaganda and Marxist programming.

9. G. Edward Griffin:  

Rockefeller Foundation/Johns Hopkins/ Gates Foundation


(A) 2010_Rockefeller Foundation_LockStep_Page 18


(B) Maryland Governor Is the Chairman of The National Governor’s Association_NY Governor is Vice Chairman 

RE: Rockefeller Collaboration


(C) Governor Hogan Announces State of Maryland Aquires 500,000 covid-19 Tests From South Korea’s LabGenomics


(D) Lab Genomics_DNA_Chipping_Biometrics




(E) Hogan_Big Pharma WindFall


10. EVENT 201 October 2019 Pandemic Planning and Strategy

11. *Intersecting technology — 4G-5G ( microwave radiation is a human tracking system ) is China’s Communist system of surveillance known as biometrics – using harvested DNA (PCR TEST & chipping_vaccines) to monitor, track and confine each member of society into a permanent electronic Communist prison_lockdown.

(A) Biometric Surveillance Update 2019


(B) CNN_2017 Authorities in China’s far-west are collecting DNA samples, fingerprints, eye scans and blood types of millions of people


(C) Internet of Bodies_Law_ William & Mary_2019

(D) $Billions to S. Korea Biotech

(E) Big Pharma Outsourcing


(F) Biotech – Korea


12. Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich – Fraudulent PCR Tests Taken To Court 

November 10, 2020

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Main Questions:

1. How dangerous is the virus?

Infection mortality rate of .14% – About roughly the same as that of the common flu, so CV is about as dangerous as the common flu.


2.How much damage do the anti-corona measures do both health-wise for the world’s population and as far as the economy is concerned?

Damage goes far beyond anything that’s ever been experienced on a global level.


3. How much can we trust the PCR tests?

PCR test can not tell you anything about infections. The only thing they are good for is to cause panic.