Biden-Obama TRACK RECORD OF CORRUPTION: PATRIOT ACT, NEW WORLD ORDER, UN Agenda, Shady Business Dealings, Put The American People’s Liberty, Finances, and Security Last

March 15, 2016 | U.S. Senate | STATE DEPT’S $500 MILLION TRANSFER TO THE U.N.


“Senators Barrasso and Gardner have suggested that the State Department’s decision to unilaterally transfer $500 million of U.S. tax dollars to a U.N. slush fund that the American people never authorized and for which money was never appropriated breaks down trust between the executive branch and the legislative branch – as well as between Washington and the American people.”  Link





January 18, 2017 | By  | Christian Science Monitor

Obama-Biden State Department sends another $500 million to UN Green Climate Fund

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“The ‘affirmative task’ we have now is to actually create a New World Order…”

– Joe Biden Speech at the Export Import Bank conference in Washington on April 5, 2013






Barak Obama 2014

“…and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build. Ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs. The order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign.” 


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“In an article entitled, “How I learned to love the New World Order,” Biden outlines his plans to destroy national sovereignty, establish a one world government, and “breath new life into the U.N. Charter.”

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The Wall Street Journal Thursday April 23, 1992

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“The Core of the Patriot Act Was Drafted in 1995 … By Joe Biden” USA Patriot Act of 2001(42 U.S.C. 5195c(e)

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Preliminary Observations on Geoengineering Science, Federal Efforts, and Governance Issues

Link To   2010 Preliminary Observations on Geoengineering Science, Federal Efforts, and Governance Issues

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How Jimmy Carter’s 1979 Federal Weather Modification Efforts Evolved Into Barak Obama’s Geoengineering Efforts to Donald Trump’s 2021 Federal Weather Enterprise; History & Budgets






December 8, 2015 | By  | New York Times |

“WASHINGTON — When Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.traveled to Kiev , Ukraine, on Sunday for a series of meetings with the country’s leaders, one of the issues on his agenda was to encourage a more aggressive fight against Ukraine’s rampant corruption and stronger efforts to rein in the power of its oligarchs.

But the credibility of the vice president’s anticorruption message may have been undermined by the association of his son, Hunter Biden, with one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies, Burisma Holdings, and with its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, who was Ukraine’s ecology minister under former President Viktor F. Yanukovych before he was forced into exile.

Hunter Biden, 45, a former Washington lobbyist, joined the Burisma board in April 2014. That month, as part of an investigation into money laundering, British officials froze London bank accounts containing $23 million that allegedly belonged to Mr. Zlochevsky.

Britain’s Serious Fraud Office, an independent government agency, specifically forbade Mr. Zlochevksy, as well as Burisma Holdings, the company’s chief legal officer and another company owned by Mr. Zlochevsky, to have any access to the accounts.

But after Ukrainian prosecutors refused to provide documents needed in the investigation, a British court in January ordered the Serious Fraud Office to unfreeze the assets. The refusal by the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office to cooperate was the target of a stinging attack by the American ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, who called out Burisma’s owner by name in a speech in September.

“In the case of former Ecology Minister Mykola Zlochevsky, the U.K. authorities had seized $23 million in illicit assets that belonged to the Ukrainian people,” Mr. Pyatt said. Officials at the prosecutor general’s office, he added, were asked by the United Kingdom “to send documents supporting the seizure. Instead they sent letters to Zlochevsky’s attorneys attesting that there was no case against him. As a result, the money was freed by the U.K. court, and shortly thereafter the money was moved to Cyprus.”

Mr. Pyatt went on to call for an investigation into “the misconduct” of the prosecutors who wrote the letters. In his speech, the ambassador did not mention Hunter Biden’s connection to Burisma.

But Edward C. Chow, who follows Ukrainian policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said the involvement of the vice president’s son with Mr. Zlochevsky’s firm undermined the Obama administration’s anticorruption message in Ukraine.”

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