Denmark: Forced Vaccination Law Abandoned After Public Protests; Meanwhile in Germany-Lawmakers Debate Alleged Citizen Protection, As Police Beat and Pepper Spray Peaceful Citizens; Doctor arrested live on camera

November 16, 2020 | By Paul Joseph Watson | SummitNews |

“Would have given authorities power to have police restrain and inject refusniks.

NILS MEILVANG via Getty Images

A law in Denmark that would have given authorities the power to forcibly inject people with a coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned after nine days of public protests.

The ‘epidemic law’ would have handed the Danish government the power to enact mandatory quarantine measures against anyone infected with a dangerous disease, but it was the part about vaccinations that caused the biggest uproar.”



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Berlin, Germany November 18, 2020 | 30 minutes uncut and unvarnished reality | Epoch Times | Link

On November 18, 2020 from 12 o’clock in the Bundestag was debated. Here you can see uncut 30 minutes of video, which were taken almost exactly after the end of the Bundestag debate and would have been close to the vote.  Link To Video


Some Comments Translated from German:

  • “GDR communist approach.”
  • “The conditions in the country are now really frightening…”
  • “Inside you decide on alleged citizen protection and outside you spray the citizens with water and tear gas, beat them and rush them with dogs, find the fault.”
  • “Pepper spray was also used by the police! Police has finished for me! Dictatorships are thus strengthened. With police and military!”



Totalitarianism in Germany under “Covid”

 Dr. Andreas Noack arrested when a Swat team breaks into his home

“A German doctor and prominent online anti-lockdown activist faced an excessive arrest as police barged into his house during a YouTube live he was streaming from his residence.
The arrest appeared like it hit Dr. Andreas Noack out of the blue as he was too shocked to even respond. The whole scene itself, which was captured during the live streaming, shocked viewers that were already concerned about the recent decimation of civil liberties as Dr. Noack had to lay on the ground while the police were continuously yelling at him.
Reports state that the reasons for Dr. Noack’s arrest seem unclear and not officially stated. That being said, it is worth noting that the arrest took place right after the “Infection Protection Law” was passed amidst a huge public pushback against it. Dr. Noack was also notorious in the government’s eyes as he was offering medical treatment to anti-lock down protestors who were injured during protests.
The “Infection Protection Law,” simply put, allows the German government to take decisions that restrict personal freedom and fundamental rights that the country’s very own constitution offers.
The German government, until the law’s passing, primarily relied on decrees to control its citizens and enforce lockdowns. But after intense backlash, calling the method of relying on decrees unconstitutional, the Infection Protection Law was made to come into play.
This law allows the government to even go to the lengths of restricting people who are either infected or are suspected to be infected from practicing certain professions. What’s more, the law also helps the government impose more curfews and lockdowns across the country.
Over time, lockdowns have negatively impacted the livelihoods of many, because of which there has been a steadily growing anti-lockdown sentiment across Germany, particularly online. This explains the intense pushback against the law and numerous anti-lockdown protests which the country’s government is trying to vehemently suppress.
Dr. Andreas Noack was a prominent critic of the law and lockdowns, creating much content about the issue online.
Based on what little information we could officially obtain about the arrest, it was found that Dr. Noack was being investigated for being “non-compliant with the COVID-19 lockdown laws enacted by the German government.”






“Governments love pandemics. They love pandemics for the same reason they love war. Because it gives them the ability to impose controls on the population that the population would otherwise never accept. To create institutions and mechanisms for orchestrating and imposing obedience.”   -Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Invited to Speak @ Freedom Rally In Berlin


Robert F. Kennedy Delivers Powerful Speech In Berlin

August 29, 2020     Link

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Berlin 1963 John F. Kennedy:

“Ich bin ein Berliner” – “I’m a Berliner”

“U.S. President John F. Kennedy addressing the people of Berlin.”

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“We Have A Lot of Evidence That It’s A Fake Story All Over The World” – German Doctors on COVID-19″









Re: PCR Tests — “Contrary to official assurances are completely unsuitable for detecting an infection.”

“Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a licensed lawyer in Germany and the USA. He studied law in Göttingen and Los Angeles. Among other activities he has published on banking law, medical law and international law and has been a professor and lecturer at universities in Germany and Estonia.”

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Crimes against humanity







German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’