Is this post-election struggle meant to touch off civil war, to justify the Big Crackdown?

November 20, 2020 | By Mark Crispin Miller | News From The Underground | Source

“We should do everything we can (whatever that is) to resist, and/or expose, the slide toward that apocalyptic split.

From Stuart Davies (on Facebook, where its circulation has been hindered). (Stuart wrote this in relation to Dr. Mercola’s interview with Whitney Webb about Operation Warp Speed:

Does anyone else out there understand that we have been living under martial law since (at least) last January 31st? I was sorta half aware of that, but was thinking that although the foundation was definitely in place the actual military coup had yet to come. Silly me. It happened nearly a year ago, and the evidence has been right under everyone’s noses all along.

I’ve piqued your curiosity, right? So let’s just get right to the meat of the matter. I’ll first lay out the way this has manifested itself in my home state of Oregon, but this clearly applies across the entire US, and I have no doubt that if people dig into it they will find evidence that it applies in virtually (or literally) every single nation on earth. For those of you living in other states, dig out the relevant state laws that apply to the situation there. I think I can guarantee you that you will find very similar statutes in your state.

There are two Oregon laws in particular I want you to consider, one is this one:

And here is another very illuminating statute to consider:

I have been aware of the second one relating to ‘public health emergencies’ for months now, and have cited it and posted it several times previously. The latter one I just saw this morning, when I was reading an article on the stringent new lockdown regulations imposed by Oregon governor Kate Brown…she cited this first law above (ORS401) as the source of her authority for imposing her new lockdown measures.

If you click on the first link above you will get the definitions of ORS 401, and find the following interesting information:



Definitions for ORS chapter 401

Scroll down a ways and you will see this section:

401.052 Responsibilities of Office of Emergency Management. (1) The Office of Emergency Management is established in the Oregon Military Department.
(2) The office shall be responsible for:
(a) Coordinating and facilitating private sector and governmental efforts to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies; and
(b) Coordinating exercises and training, planning, preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery activities with state and local emergency services agencies and organizations.
(3) The office shall prepare a statewide emergency management plan and update the plan from time to time as necessary. [Formerly 401.257]
401.054 Liaisons with Office of Emergency Management.(1) Each of the following agencies, entities and officials shall designate an individual to act as a liaison with the Office of Emergency Management:
(a) The Department of Consumer and Business Services;
(b) The Department of Corrections;
(c) The Department of Education;
(d) The Department of Environmental Quality;
(e) The Department of Human Services;
(f) The Department of Justice;
(g) The Department of Land Conservation and Development;
(h) The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training;
(i) The Department of State Lands;
(j) The Department of State Police;
(k) The Department of Transportation;
(L) The Department of Veterans’ Affairs;
(m) The Employment Department;
(n) The Housing and Community Services Department;
(o) The Judicial Department;
(p) The Oregon Business Development Department;
(q) The Oregon Department of Administrative Services;
(r) The Oregon Department of Aviation;
(s) The Oregon Health Authority;
(t) The Oregon Military Department;
(u) The Oregon Tourism Commission;
(v) The Public Utility Commission of Oregon;
(w) The Secretary of State;
(x) The State Department of Agriculture;
(y) The State Department of Energy;
(z) The State Department of Fish and Wildlife;
(aa) The State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries;
(bb) The State Fire Marshal;
(cc) The State Forestry Department;
(dd) The State Marine Board;
(ee) The State Parks and Recreation Department;
(ff) The Travel Information Council; and
(gg) The Water Resources Department.
(2) Each agency, entity and official required to designate a liaison under this section shall designate an individual who has authority during an emergency to allocate resources and assets of the agency, entity or official.
(3) Each individual designated as a liaison under subsection (1) of this section shall assist in the coordination of the functions of the agency, entity or official that designated the individual that relate to emergency preparedness and response with similar functions of the Office of Emergency Management.401.062 Office of Emergency Management; appointment of director. (1) The Office of Emergency Management is under the supervision and control of a director, who is responsible for the performance of the duties, functions and powers of the office.
(2) The Adjutant General, with the approval of the Governor, shall appoint the Director of the Office of Emergency Management, who holds office at the pleasure of the Adjutant General.”

In case anyone doesn’t know the meaning of ‘Adjutant General’, particularly as it applies here, here is the definition of that term:


“The adjutant of a unit having a general staff.(in the US Army) the chief administrative officer.


noun: the Adjutant General the senior officer in the National Guard of a US state.”


Okay, so in other words, the person in charge of preparing the statewide emergency management plan and administering every aspect of it, and having the power to take control of EVERY SINGLE MUNICIPAL, COUNTY, AND STATE LEVEL AGENCY – AND ALL OF THEIR PERSONNEL AND EQUIPMENT – to be used at their discretion and direction, is a director appointed by (and serving at the pleasure of, i.e., someone who can be fired at the discretion of) the SENIOR OFFICER OF THE NATIONAL GUARD IN OREGON.


And remember now, this is the statute our governor just cited as the source of her authority to arbitrarily impose extra-constitutional lockdown measures on Oregon citizens. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, I’m afraid.


The second law linked above is based upon the December 2001 “draft Model State Emergency Health Powers Act” drawn up by the CDC and The Center for Law and the Public’s Health at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities, to ‘assist’ National Governors Association [NGA], National Conference of State Legislatures [NCSL], Association of State and Territorial Health Officials [ASTHO], and National Association of County and City Health Officials [NACCHO) in drafting their own state ‘public health emergency’ statutes. Have a look at the CDC/Johns Hopkins model and compare it to Oregon’s public health emergency law, and note how closely our law tracks their model:


Bear in mind that this CDC/Johns Hopkins public health emergency model for state laws was predicated on the anthrax attacks immediately following 9/11, which the FBI initially blamed on Mohammed Atta and his merry band of 9/11 ‘hijackers. Despite the trail of bread crumbs laid down months before 9/11 obviously intended to link Atta & Co to the anthrax attacks (a very interesting story in itself), it was soon necessary for the FBI to drop the accusation that they were the culprits when it was inadvertently revealed that the strain of weaponized anthrax could only have come from a tightly guarded US bioweapons lab.


Interestingly enough, Johns Hopkins University was a sponsor of the 1999 ‘Dark Winter’ exercise which was focused on a hypothetical bioweapon terrorist attack on the US using, guess what? Anthrax.


On top of that, Johns Hopkins was also one of the key sponsors of the October 2019 ‘Event 201’ which hypothesized a pandemic from a novel coronavirus called Covid-19. These latter facts are old news to anyone who has been paying attention to what has been going on over the past two decades or so, but they certainly do tie into the specific provisions of ORS401 and numerous other state and federal statutes.


Okay, circling back to my opening paragraph and my assertion that we have been living under martial law since (at least) last January 31st. Anyone remember what happened that day? It was picked up and reported in the corporate media, but then (thanks to their relentless spin and bullshit regarding Trump in general) it was quickly buried and forgotten by the media, and therefor by most people. What happened on January 31, 2020 was this:


“To date, President Donald Trump has activated emergency powers under four separate statutes for the COVID-19 response. Trump declared a public health emergency under the Public Health Service Act on Jan. 31, issued two national emergency declarations under both the Stafford Act and the National Emergencies Act (NEA) on March 13, and invoked emergency powers via Executive Order under the Defense Production Act on March 18. On March 19, Trump named the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as the lead agency in the COVID-19 emergency response efforts, a designation previously held by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). These actions have varying implications but collectively allow the federal government to deliver virus response funds and other assistance to state and local government…


There are three sources of statutory authority for the federal government to issue an emergency declaration, each associated with varying procedures, resources and funding. These include the Stafford Act, Public Health Service Act and National Emergencies Act. As of March 13, emergencies have been declared under all three acts. Additionally, the Defense Production Act allows the President broad authorities to compel domestic industry production for the sake of national defense, including emergency activities under the Stafford Act.”


Scrolling down further in this last article detailing the federal statutes triggered by Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, we see this:

” Section 501(b) of the Stafford Act allows the president to declare an emergency without a request from the governor of the affected state when the primary responsibility for the emergency rests with the federal government. Such an emergency declaration does not prevent the governor from subsequently requesting a major disaster declaration for other unmet needs caused by the event.”


Further down we see the following:

“Emergency declarations under the Stafford Act activate the National Response Framework (NRF) which enables domestic response partners at all levels to provide a unified national response to disasters and emergencies. FEMA is likely to lead operational meetings, provide overall coordination, activate its interagency emergency operations center at FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C., and activate all 10 FEMA regional offices to directly support states in their regions. Below are important details for states, specific to the coronavirus declaration.

“Governors must work with the applicable FEMA regional administrators within their FEMA region to create and execute a FEMA-State Agreement—a document that “Imposes binding obligations on FEMA, State or Territory, local governments and private nonprofits.”


Link To Read Full Article















Mike Pompeo – Former CIA Director, Won’t Say Whether Coronavirus Is a Hoax or Not

February 28, 2020

Link To Video





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Translated from Chinese:

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12. Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich – Fraudulent PCR Tests Taken To Court 

Link To Video

Main Questions:

1. How dangerous is the virus?

Infection mortality rate of .14% – About roughly the same as that of the common flu, so CV is about as dangerous as the common flu.


2.How much damage do the anti-corona measures do both health-wise for the world’s population and as far as the economy is concerned?

Damage goes far beyond anything that’s ever been experienced on a global level.


3. How much can we trust the PCR tests?

PCR test can not tell you anything about infections. The only thing they are good for is to cause panic.



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