Law suit filed in Germany, blueprint for other law suits; Dr. Fuellmich discusses the PCR Test

November 24, 2020 | By Ben Swann | Anwälte für Aufklärung

Part of larger strategy of lawsuits to attack cornerstone of the current crisis which is the PCR test; Addressing the staged pandemic, the concrete dangers to democracy, and in particular the threat to free speech. Video

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“There’s no scientists in this entire world who will claim that a PCR test can detect infections. PCR tests are not designed for diagnostic purposes, they’re not admitted for diagnostic purposes. I’ve seen all the videos by the inventor. The PCR test is a great tool, it makes things visible to the human eyes which are otherwise not visible by amplifying it by making those molecules that you take with these swabs larger, so that eventually you can see what this is all about but they are not in any way capable of telling you anything about infections, in particular not, when these PCR tests are set at more than 25 cycles, cycles of amplification that is.”

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Re: PCR Tests — “Contrary to official assurances they are completely unsuitable for detecting an infection.”

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Transcript of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s “Crimes Against Humanity”