Montana Law Firm to Sue State for Unconstitutional Mask Mandate, Lockdown

November 17, 2020 | By BRENDA ROSKOS | Montana Daily Gazette | Source |

“A Montana Law Firm to Sue the State of Montana in a Declarative Judgment seeking Injunctive Relief from governor’s directives. Learn How to Join the Suit Below

In the great state of Montana, a rumbling is taking place. A season of highly focused intensity is emerging where “We the People” will take back our state from the wiles of such tyrants like Governor Bullock and his figureheads ( the DPHHS, various health officers statewide, and health departments) who want to usurp illegal authority over the innocent people of our magnificent state.

These overbearing authoritarians will stop at nothing to enslave our citizens and are doing so in disregard of our Montana State Constitution. Imposing the universal health care choice of wearing a cloth mask on all Montanans is a violation of our fundamental constitutional right of privacy. Likewise, the locking down and quarantining of healthy individuals who pose no imminent threat to others is illegal as well under the Montana State Constitution.”

In order to remedy this overreach of power, a solution has been prepared and implemented within the website entitled Montana Title Fifty. This website contains the lawsuit, (masterfully crafted by Quentin M. Rhodes) of Rhodes, Siefert & Erickson. These trial attorneys are based out of Missoula, Montana. Mr. Rhode’s area of expertise is that of constitutional law. This particular lawsuit has three original, primary plaintiffs and allows for additional co-plaintiffs and member plaintiffs from different areas (including every county) throughout the state of Montana. The goal is to add on hundreds, perhaps thousands of co-plaintiffs. Mr. Rhodes will then walk through a process where he reviews the plaintiff’s complaints.

While the suit seeks to address the constitutional violations of the governor’s directives and various county health orders, also of concern are those who’ve lost loved ones to suicide, elderly abuse, and lockdown, those not able to receive medical care due to lockdowns, those who’ve incurred financial loss, masking abuse issues i.e.: infections acquired, etc. These are just examples of the numerous types of injury and abuse suffered as a result of the Covid “pandemic” madness . Especially important is any county submitting illegal actions committed by the health department, health officers, and unelected officials wielding deceptive powers. Other issues are applicable as well.

The hope is, if possible, that this lawsuit may go to the Montana Supreme Court and perhaps even further. It can be a sacrificial and tedious process but one we must all concern ourselves with to ensure freedom and liberty for our residents of Montana. Just as Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Delaware, and Nevada have issued rulings against unconstitutional rights via arbitrary and imposing powers, so must we as Montanans endeavor to that end.

Legal action is being taken by a group of Montana residents and businesses from the Flathead, Bozeman, and Missoula areas, along with others who wish to be included in the action. Plaintiffs are encouraged to join from every county statewide. The aforesaid groups are suing Governor Steven Bullock, the Department of Public Health and Human Services as well as various health departments and health officers statewide who have exceeded what is within legal parameters either in the past, present, or future.”

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