No Masks For Kids!

November 16, 2020 | Share Mask-Related Health Incidents Here…


Do you have children in school who are being forced to wear a mask during school activities? Do you have a first-hand health incident to share as a result of wearing a mask (e.g. fatigue, rash, depression, shortness of breath, fainting, etc.)? If so, you are invited to tell us your story!   Link

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“Mesa, AZ – With cases of COVID-19 spiking in cities and states across the country, due in large part to a massive increase in testing, as well as hyper-sensitive PCR tests which routinely detect old infections by picking up fragments of dead viral cells, government leaders are doubling down on their face mask mandates in a futile attempt to slow the spread of the virus.”

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“Included in these nation-wide orders are requirements for America’s school-age children to wear face-coverings throughout the school day, leading to numerous reports of kids suffering physical and psychological trauma as a result. Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS), a 501(c)(3) grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the Constitutional rights of American citizens, is now providing a forum for caregiving adults to report incidents of abuse and neglect of children caused by these unnecessary mandates.”  Link To Source






“In A Free Society, Such As America Was Meant To Be, Masks Cannot Be Forced Upon The Citizens.”






The Great American Mask Rip-Off







BANNED VIDEO: Firefighter Tests Oxygen Levels w/ Face Covering CV-19 Masks; NIH STUDIES FIND NEGATIVE HEALTH EFFECTS OF WEARING A MASK; Masks are neither effective nor safe: A summary of the science






1981: Surgeon’s medical mask study concludes, “minimum contamination can best be achieved by not wearing a mask at all”






Dangers of oxygen-deficient atmospheres; Ohio State Rep Nino Vitale Shows Oxygen Levels Drop in Seconds






June 6, 2020 | BARRICADE GARAGE | Video 

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect anyone who comes near that precious jewel.” 

CDC estimates mortality rate is 0.4%, significantly lower than previously reported…

And if masks are so effective, why wasn’t the public instructed to wear them back in 2018, when tuberculosis killed over 1.5 million people including over 200,000 children?…..

There is zero scientific evidence that the virus is spread by asymptomatic people.  No study even exists asserting this claim. Yet a reputable, peer-reviewed scientific study concludes that asymptomatic people CANNOT spread a virus.

Use your imagination to figure out why the media hasn’t reported on this fact.

The World Health Organization stated on April 2, 2020 thatthere was “no documented asymptomatic transmission.…

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