Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good

November 14, 2020 | Author: Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA | Source


“To my horror and disappointment the shops, and indeed the streets, are full of mask-wearing muppets. In the shops everything takes an age as shopper and assistant struggle to make themselves heard through their masks. The muppets have become mumblies.

Many mask wearers keep their masks on even when out of doors, where it is not yet mandatory to do so. These over-compliant collaborators are making oppression easy for the totalitarians who will doubtless soon be demanding that we all wear our masks wherever we are and whatever we are doing – even in our own homes.

Most mask wearers have no idea of the harm they are doing by wearing masks. Indeed, many seem to understand very little about how to wear a mask. I have, on several occasions, seen people drop their mask onto the pavement – face side down of course – pick it up and put it on. Many people wear the same mask for more than two hours (which is dangerous), wear disposable masks more than once (which is dangerous), fail to wash cloth masks (which means they accumulate bacteria, fungi and viruses – all of which are breathed in) touch their mask while it is in position (which makes the mask even worse than useless), put masks into their pockets or handbags and then put them back on creased and grubby (a very dangerous thing to do since the wearer will then be breathing in whatever bugs have been transmitted to the mask. Scarves are often used as face coverings without ever being washed (an effective way to catch throat and lung infections). Nearly everyone constantly fiddles with their masks – not realising that touching a mask is something you should not do. The incidence of throat and chest infections is going to rocket. I wonder how many people will be killed by their masks. We’ll never know.

What the hell has happened to people? I am appalled at how easily people have become so compliant and have accepted the Government lies. Many mask wearers now choose their masks as fashion items and wear masks designed to match their outfits. A few wear dark glasses and gloves as well as masks. I fear they probably think they look cool and well- dressed.

As I said earlier, it won’t be long before the Government will order them to wear masks indoors. And they will. Some will sleep in them – and doubtless die in them.

Most mask wearers are clearly being made ill by their masks. Because their oxygen levels are low, their eyes are glazed, as though they are drugged.

When the covid-19 hoax began, authorities around the world announced that mask wearing was pointless, and it was widely agreed by experts that they could probably do more harm than good. Indeed, mask wearing was dismissed as ‘virtue signalling’ by Dr Fauci, the American coronavirus expert. The World Health Organisation supported this general view which was in accordance with the available scientific evidence. Medical advisors around the world agreed that there was no need to wear masks.

Later during the year the story changed…”

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