Singapore suspends use of flu jabs after deaths in South Korea

November 6, 2020 | By  | |


“Singapore has announced that it will temporarily cease the use of two flu vaccines after the post-vaccination death of 48 people in South Korea. With this move, the Southeast Asian city-state is among the first countries to halt the vaccines’ use for immunization programs.

The country’s Ministry of Health (MOH) said in an Oct. 25 statement that the suspension served as a “precautionary measure following reported deaths after influenza vaccination in South Korea.” While Singapore has not seen any deaths associated with flu immunization, the ministry and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) are monitoring the situation closely. The MOH statement said: “HSA is in touch with the South Korean authorities for further information as they investigate to determine if the deaths are related to influenza vaccinations.””


“Even Singapore, whose health system is one of the world’s best, is now aware of vaccine dangers”


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