The World Freedom Alliance 2020

November 3, 2020 | By Oracle Films | VideoBitchute

“This is the first meeting held by the newly founded World Freedom Alliance (WFA). The alliance would like to announce it’s newly elected representatives.

President of the WFA – Prof Dolores Cahill, a professor in Molecular Biology and Immunology.

Vice President of the WFA – Heiko Schöning, M.D, a founding member of

Chairman of the WFA – Maneka Helleberg, Chairman of People’s Court and Member of New Earth.

Legal Advisor for the WFA – Martin Byrne, Barrister at Law practising in the Superior Courts, Dublin.

Treasurer of WFA – Mads Palsvig, Chairman of Political Party JFK21, a former investment banker.

General Secretary for the WFA – Fiona Hine, Political Activist and Events Manager, Founder of CoviLeaks.

Oracle Films stands with the WFA as the official video production team for the alliance.

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