Under House Arrest as a Result of a Crime Committed by the U.S. CDC on February 17, 2014

April 28, 2020 | By Dr. David Martin | Source |

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What Can You Do? Draft a Letter to ACLU, U.S. Attorney for Your District, Congressman/Woman/Senator/Attorney General


To Whom It May Concern: The Declaration of a State of Emergency and the ensuing lockdown – which exempts persons deemed “essential” without any basis in scientific fact or in Critical Infrastructure definition under the U.S. DHS –violates the legal standard set forth in Jew Ho v. Williamson, 103 F. 10, 26 (C.C.N.D. Cal. 1900).


Due to the facts outlined here:…


1.The Governor of Virginia ( or YOUR STATE ) could not have known that there was a virulent outbreak caused by a single pathogen (reportedly SARS CoV-2) when declaring the State of Emergency;


2.No scientific evidence has been offered justifying the declaration – mere reporting of mortality and morbidity based on pneumonia symptoms does not an epidemic or pandemic make;


3.The Governor failed to provide adequate testing to confirm or deny the presence or absence of “a novel coronavirus” and, based on recent reports from incarcerated persons, it would appear that positive tests COULD NOT have been based on community transmission as 96% of confined persons have tested positive according to Reuters; and,


4.No effort has been made by the Governor or regional health authorities to overturn the established science published in JAMA that facemasks should not be worn by healthy individuals (…) and that social distancing that involves the confinement of healthy individuals has neither been tested nor validated with any science whatsoever.


I kindly request that you take this matter up on behalf of the Citizens of Virginia ( or YOUR STATE ).


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Dr. David Martin Exposes Three Unspeakable Facts about COVID-19

“(1) The  official story is a lie,

(2) the percentage of normal false-positive errors in the tests is higher than the percentage of confirmed positive tests from humans – which means most if not all of the reported human positive tests could be false), and

(3) early results from covid-19 vaccine trials show 60% of those injected have adverse reactions – compared to less than 8% with adverse reactions from the infection the vaccines are supposed to protect against. In other words, the treatment is far worse than the disease.

The unspeakable conclusion is this: A few people are set to become obscenely wealthy by causing tens of millions to become ill, to be neurologically injured, and to die prematurely.”  Link






“CDC may have willfully failed to collect, analyze, and publish accurate data used by elected officials to develop public health policy”– COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective